Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Back from vacation

We just got back from a little family work/pleasure vacation. Jon and I had a course in Toronto on Friday, and my grandmother turned 80 on Saturday. 80! We decided to extend our work trip a few days so we could celebrate with family.

Cohen was so amazing during the whole entire trip. I was a little worried about the flight, since it was way longer than any of the flights he has taken before (3.5 hours or so). We got lucky on the way there and had a flight that was pretty empty. We had three seats to ourselves, which was the best.

Cohen was able to stretch out and snooze for a while. Note that he is a total mess. We found that the best way to keep him occupied was to bring out snacks every hour or so. At 10 months, I find he is too young to be interested in watching a movie or playing with any toy or game for longer than ten minutes. He ate abut a million of those little artificially flavoured puffed rice things made especially for babies.

One of the best parts about traveling with a baby is you never have to wait in line to go through security. They just whisk you off to the front of the line. It's the best. Thank you Coco.

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