Monday, 19 September 2016

Our annual family trip to Cavendish

When we planned our move home to NB, we knew that our annual family trip to Cavendish would fall right in the middle of the move, so we decided to embrace it and just drive straight to our vacation before we went to our new home. When we got off the ferry, we drove to Moncton to stay the night with my parents and my sister's family, who come with us to Cavendish every year. This was our third year, and each year we get better at the whole thing. 

In Moncton, we stayed in a hotel close to my sister's house so the kiddies could enjoy the pool a bit and get in as much family time as possible. We find that with four adults (Kryssy, Chad, Jon, me) and three kids, it is so much easier to make food at home as opposed to restaurants, so my sister whipped up the meals as we prepared for our Cavendish trip.

Next year might be different since we live on the mainland now, but for the past three years my sister has exclusively been in charge of planning the meals and buying all the food for the 5 days. It's such a big job, and takes two huge coolers and another two huge plastic containers filled with pantry items. I love the food part of the trip. Everything tastes a little better when you are staying in a cottage with a limited kitchen.

The baby, Gage, was a wild card in terms of sleeping, but these two slept well and got up pretty consistently around 6 am, ready for breakfast number one. Jon and I would get up with these guys and get coffee on the go, and the baby, Kryssy and Chad would get up 45 minutes later. It's funny how quickly you get into routines, even when you are only vacationing for 5 days.

Although Cohen has been done with naps for a while, we found that he really needed one while we were vacationing. I blame it on being outside for hours at a time. These two would nap for at least an hour every afternoon. We liked keeping them inside for the hottest couple hours of the day anyways. They loved cozying up together. So sweet.

We have stayed at the same cottage property all three years, but keep upgrading the particular cottage we stay in. This time we had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which felt pretty luxurious to us. I think we will stay at this one from now on. 

For whatever reason, going to the beach sounded good in theory, but each day we would opt to instead just walk across the field to the pool. The beach felt sort of daunting since we would need to bring lots of snacks, water, sunscreen, toys, changes of clothes, towels, blankets, etc. On the last day, Jon and I stopped with Cohen and Jon's brother at the beach on a whim. We didn't have bathing suits or much of anything. Cohen went around in his spiderman underwear, and I stripped to my (luckily all black and full-bum) underwear and tank top and we had an awesome time. Note to future self: go to the beach!! It is not as much work as you are thinking.

This year I think we rented five cottages total, with about 20 family members, plus lots more stopping by for the day or a meal. For some reason, staying together for 5 days straight at the exact same place year after year seems to foster a closeness that I love so much. I end up having deeper more meaningful conversations with close and not-so-close relatives that we don't have anywhere else.

I think it was in this story that David Sedaris talks about having to put in the time to end up with those sweet meaningful conversations that you want to have with your family members. For me that is the gold of our annual Cavendish trip. This year my sister-in-laws unknowingly convinced me to change my name legally back to my maiden name, the name that I never stopped using professionally. All while treading water in the deep end of the pool. I talked to relatives about careers (good ones, stable ones, less-than-ideal ones, lucrative ones), exes (the kind that you have to talk to every single day of your life for the next 15 years and the kind that just left a mark on you), true loves (romantic and other), money (having enough, how much is enough, how to get a bit more while still parenting), kids (step, adopted, biological), etc. Such a great vacation. I can't wait for next year.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Our boat ride from NL to NS

I realize that I haven't blogged since we moved, and I know exactly why. Because I am busy now. A good busy. Now I spend my free time checking out things to do in our town, or shopping for stuff for our new house, or hanging out with friends or family. So I probably won't blog nearly so much, except for when the mood strikes. I still love looking at old posts from the past few years, so I'll try to keep things updated a bit. 

These are pics from our boat ride when we left Newfoundland. The boat left from Argentia, which is only an hour and a half from our old house. The boat ride is 14 hours long, plus a few hours before to get in line, park, etc. 

You have to park your car in the line a few hours early, so we went in to the building to play and run around a bit. There is not much more snacks, so definitely bring your own.

We got dude a tiny boat at the gift shop. He had been excited about this boat ride for months.

Chilling in the ferry terminal. We were so impressed with how organized the whole thing was. You are not supposed to bring plants from NL to the mainland, but we explained to the lady that our little bonsai tree was given to Jon by me when we first started dating and it was super important to us, and she let it go since the plant had never touched the ground in NL.

Once we got on the boat we went straight to our cabin, which had two sets of bunk beds. Cohen and I each took a bottom one, and Jon slept on a top bunk. The beds were comfy and clean, and the washroom was tiny. We all slept great, though the constant rocking back and forth took a little getting used to.

For supper that night we went to the kinda fancy restaurant on board, where we had awesome meals. Jon had halibut that the waiter said was freshly caught that day. The service was great. Cohen was so tired that he was falling asleep at the table.

We let him watch a few shows while laying in bed since it was still so light out at bedtime around 8. We then all had to go to sleep because of the close quarters.

The morning breakfast situation was a little weird. We found these tiny boxes of cereal and also yogurt, and then later a huge buffet opened with all kinds of breakfast food. All together things were really good on the boat. There was also an arcade and lots of areas to play cards or color.

We had such a great time on the boat!! I would highly recommend taking the longer ferry to anyone with smaller kids who will sleep in a twin bed.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


We have been in our new house for a handful of nights now, and things finally feel like they are getting to a new normal. We are pretty exhausted. Moving is no joke. We spent the first week on the mainland doing our usual vacation week in Cavendish with Jon's family. And then we have spent the last week doing stuff you have to do when you move provinces as a working adult. The past week has been filled with: hours at the DMV, getting licensed to be dentists in this province, meeting new coworkers, registering and meeting the teacher at Cohen's new preschool, buying home necessities like toilet brushes, cleaner, condiments. The first day we got here we made a huge list of everything that we had to do to start working, and yesterday we checked the last thing off. 

(I spent an evening in a hotel bathroom while Cohen slept*)

I am starting work on Tuesday, so I plan to enjoy my last day of "vacation" tomorrow. I'm definitely going to be blogging about our last week in NL, our overnight boat ride, our trip to Cavendish, our new house, and our new town. What I can say so far is that we love it. We are so happy with where we are. This town is perfect for us. 

* On this night, we were staying in Moncton after a long ferry crossing and long drive. Jon ended up having to meet the movers at our new house, so I was on my own in the hotel with no clean clothes, food, etc. I put Cohen to bed on the floor beside the bed, then hung out in the bathroom. Luckily my parents and sister came to the rescue with clothes, sushi, chips, and of course beer. I'm so lucky. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Reading lately...

I've been reading like crazy lately, like always.

Modern Lovers by Emma Straub. Super easy read. I was done in a night or two. It's really light, much like the Vacationers. Nothing special.

Not Becoming my Mother by Ruth Reichl. Super duper short. I read this in maybe 45 minutes. It was less a book and more a...pamphlet?

The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel. Oh man. This was long, and super hard to get through. I was obsessed with Life of Pi, like everyone else, but this one did not do it for me. Though I didn't really enjoy it, I am still thinking about the weirdness of it. Certain parts of it are sticking with me. I was also really interested to read that the author did a "book club" with the former prime minister. So cool and disappointing.

Better: A surgeon's notes on performance by Atul Gawande. I liked it. Interesting. Made me want to be a better dentist. I would recommend. Reminded me that I really want to read When breath becomes air.

I am about to start Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, which I have been looking forward to for forever. Jon and I might read it to each other since we will be starting our vacation on Friday. I have such a huge list of books I desperately want including: Girls & Sex by Peggy Orenstein, The Girls by Emma Cline, Between the world and me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. I dream of a big bookshelf with a pile of books ready to be read at all times. I am also loving the design magazines right now since we are doing a few upgrades in our new house.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

We have a three-year-old!

(on our back deck)

Cohen's third birthday was Monday! We were really looking forward to this because Cohen has been telling us for months that he will not be using the potty until he is three. Sure enough, the day before his birthday, he started using the potty. His track record is about 50/50 in terms of successes, but we are cool with that. I am actually secretly not pushing the potty thing right now because we are about to embark on a 10-day road trip/move, which seems like it will be easier with diapers. Either way, it's cool.

Favourite toy: Definitely his Paw Patrol plastic figures. He can't get enough.
Favourite food: Butter. He will eat anything that is doused in butter. He eats a lot of red peppers lately too.
Favourite books: All the Mo Willems books. He can recite entire story lines about Piggy and Elephant.
Favourite article of clothing: His fedora hat that my parents got him. He wears it all the time. He lost it temporarily one time when it was windy, so he is very cognisant of the weather when he wears it. Any wind means he has to put it in my bag. Otherwise, it is always on his head. He also loves his superman cape.
Sleep schedule: He goes to sleep around 7:30 pm and wakes up twelve hours later. He naps maybe twice a week these days. He wakes up in the middle of the night a few times a week needing another story.
Favourite activity: Running. He loves to do laps around the house while we time him on the front porch. When we are out and about, he always asks us to time him wile he runs to some far off object.

Jon and I are always talking about how lucky we are that we get to spend the rest of our lives being his parents. These past three years have been the best. This year, Cohen asked to see pictures of when he was born. So we showed him pics from his first days of life, and he was so interested. So cute.

As far as birthday parties and presents, we have kept things super duper minimal. This year we gifted Cohen with a headlight for camping (and searching for lost toys under the couch). He asked for the cake that he saw in a magazine, which was plain vanilla, so we made that (gluten-free, nut free, of course). We took him to McDonalds, aka his favorite restaurant, for supper. He was very happy.

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