Sunday, 16 September 2018

Our annual Cavendish trip (2018)

Last month we took two weeks off from work, and spent a week in Cavendish for the fifth time (last year). Jon's family has been doing this trip for many, many years. My sister-in-law's parents started the tradition over thirty years ago! This year, there were twenty family members staying at the cottages, plus another ten or so relatives who live on PEI who would come hang out during the day.

These cottages are super popular in August, and we have to book basically as we are leaving for the following year. This year we got our fav one, with lots of space for our family of four and my sister's family as well. Will did NOT sleep well for the entire trip. Jon and I would take turns hanging out with him for an hour at a time in the middle of the night. Cohen and Graycie slept really well, and got up nice and early, excited for another day.

We did a morning at the Sandspit amusement park. The kids loved going on the train with the whole family. Cohen and Graycie were even more into the rides this year, which was cool to see.

My sister handled the food as usual. Every night we would set the picnic tables outside and all sit down for an early supper. After the kids were all finally in bed, the adults would gather around the fire and have a few drinks. I was sooo thrilled that my fav artist, Joel Plaskett was staying at the cottage down from us. One night Jon and I walked over and introduced ourselves. We had our very first date to a Joel Plaskett show over ten years ago! He was super nice and friendly. 

We spent tons of time hanging out on the lawn in front of our cottage. So relaxing.

The four little kids got along so well! Each year, they play together a little better, and we are able to let them do their own thing a bit more. The older cousins were also really great with our little guys. 

This year we opted out of the big Cavendish beach, and instead found our own little quiet beach in Rustico a few minutes down the road. With four little kids, we are pretty into a short walk from the car to the actual beach. We made some sweet sandcastles and jumped in the waves for a while. A few more pics....

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Will is 11 months old!

We are just loving our time with this sweet little 11-month-old. I am feeling more and more like I am out of the fog of having a new baby, and more like myself again. For me, that has a lot to do with not breastfeeding anymore. Will drinks whole milk from a bottle sometimes, and also eats all the food! Now Jon and I are better able to share baby duties like bedtime and middle of the night wake ups and also getting up super early. In the last month I have done a two night trip with a bunch of other moms, and also done a two night trip with just Cohen to Newfoundland. My life feels SO much more balanced now. Some things about Will lately:

- The big thing that just happened is he started walking a teeny tiny bit. He usually only walks a couple steps, but he walked across the room one single time when a few of my friends were over with their kids for a playdate. I think it might be another couple months before he is walking for real though. He almost looks too small to be able to walk. It is the cutest thing!

- He eats everything. He particularly loves ground beef and blueberries. He will eat a whole banana really easily and also an entire peach. If we serve hims something he is not into, like broccoli, he just throws it on the floor. With a sneaky little smile.

- He also eats some "bambas" every day. They are these little peanut corn puff snacks that are popular in Isreal. His allergy doctor has him eating 1.5 per day, and we will keep increasing it until he is no longer allergic.

- He sleeps really well right now. He goes down around 7 pm and wakes up around 6 am every morning. I think getting a good sleep each night is also contributing to my overall sense of wellness these days. Will naps twice a day right now.

- Favourite thing to do: crawl up the stairs. He also wants to be wherever his brother is at all times.

- He is pretty chatty, just saying dada dada and mama mama all the time. No actual words yet though. He also loves to clap and wave.

These first 11 months have gone by so fast. Jon and I are really enjoying the moments, especially the little moments where Cohen and Will are sitting together and playing or laughing with each other. So happy!

Friday, 22 June 2018

Will is 9 months old!

I just need to preface this by saying I am absolutely sick about what is happening on the border in the states with immigrant children and their parents. I am so lucky to have won the geographical lottery that is being born here in Canada. Being separated from my two boys for any reason is truly my worst nightmare and makes me physically ill to even think about it. 

Anyway, Will. He is such a sweet little angel. He is 9 months old now, and such a joy! We have a very laid back baby. 

(at family day on Base Gagetown) 

(at the Killarney Lake beach) 

What's happening with Will lately:

- He had his 9 month checkup with the doctor the other day, and he is totally average for height, and a little but less than average for weight. The doctor said is is probably a little light because he is mobile.

- The doctor also told me I can feel free to quit breastfeeding and switch to whole milk if I want. I was so thrilled when I heard that! I had decided fairly arbitrarily that I wanted to breastfeed long enough so I could avoid buying formula. I am now planning to slowly wean Will over the next month or two.

- Sleeping is kinda wild these days. Some nights he wakes up only once for a few minutes, and other nights he is up for hours ready to party. He starts every night in his crib at around 6:30 pm. Some nights (most nights?) he ends up in bed with Jon and I. I am so focused on making sure Jon and I get decent sleep that I can't be bothered with any kind of sleep training/learning right now. Eventually we will get 8 hours of consecutive sleep again (I hope!). Will is up for the day around 5 am most mornings. For some reason I find 5 am sooo much harder than 6 am.

- And naps are kind of a joke right now. We get maybe 45 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the car in the afternoon. It doesn't help that our days are jam packed right now, so Will rarely gets the opportunity to nap in his crib in the afternoon. I think the summer will be a little slower and better for the sleep schedule.

- Will just got his two top front teeth. Omg they seem so huge in his little mouth! It felt like the teething went on for days if not weeks. His sweet little gums were red and inflamed and he was drooling like crazy.

- Will's new favourite things to do: crawl into the bathroom and put his hands in the toilet water (uggg!) and climb up our super steep stairs. He keeps us on our toes for sure.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Will is 8 months old!

Will turned 8 months old the other day. He is such a happy little dude. Some things about him lately:

- He got two sweet little teeth last week after months of crazy drooling and chewing on his hands and my hands and every single thing he could. Cohen got his two first teeth around this time too. 

- I am still breastfeeding and also pumping for work. I'm still hoping to make it to his first birthday. He takes a bottle easier these days when I am working, which is nice. 

- He eats everything. We never buy him baby food anymore, and I never make him purees. He just eats whatever we are eating. Tonight we had fish and rice and broccoli and he had all of that. Our family physician told us to feed him everything, and it felt so freeing and way easier than dealing with baby food. 

- He is the fastest crawler! He pulls himself up on everything, so I am constantly catching him trying to eat soil from our big plants, pull garbage out of the garbage can, and dip his sweet little fingers into the toilet water. In that way, he is such a handful! We tried to use the same high chair set up we used for Cohen at this age, but Will kept climbing right out of it and onto the kitchen table. Such a strong little guy. 

- We start the bedtime routine around here at around 6:30. Will is usually in bed in his crib by 7 pm, and sleeps until 6 am or so. He sometimes sleeps through the night, and sometimes he wakes up a couple times for a quick drink. I am hoping to phase out those night feeds really soon. I feel like I am getting enough sleep these days, which is great. 

- Will is allergic to peanuts, so we feed him peanut dust mixed with applesauce every single day. They increase the dosage every two weeks, and we are slowly building up to him being able to eat an entire peanut. At this point, I find the whole allergy thing pretty routine. I don't even pull the epipen out of the cabinet when we feed him the peanut dust anymore. Between Jon, myself, and my mom, we take him to the allergist every two weeks for a few hours. 

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Library list

I'm reading a little less now that Will is sleeping (mostly) through the night and I am working a little more, but still loving the books.

The Alice Network: This is about lady spies in German occupied France and is historically accurate, which I love. It wasn't a life changer or anything, but I enjoyed it.

small great things: This one was pretty intense. It's about the cultural racism that happens when you say that you are "colourblind", and also the obvious racism that is happening in the states all the time. I really liked it.

The Power of Moments: Omg. This book. I love this one so much, and I am trying to think of ways to live by this book. One part talked about how we mostly remember big transitional moments from our life. So we need to make an effort to celebrate little things more. This book pretty much gave me permission to make a really big deal about birthdays and holidays. I was reading this book when I decided we needed to have a piñata at an Easter brunch I was doing. No regrets! The piñata was a hit.

Feel Free: This is a bunch of essays. I am skipping around reading a few, and pretty into a couple. I love reading essays about life in New York, for some reason I can't explain. I want to hear about busy sidewalks and tiny apartments and corner bodegas. So this book is for me for sure.

Jon just finished When Breath Becomes Air and he is plowing through 12 Rules for life, so those are next for me.
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