Tuesday, 29 January 2013


(my new mug i got for christmas) 

(lots of reading/recipe bookmarking)

because it has been soo cold here, i've been spending lots of time inside, drinking tea, reading. so many of the food bloggers that i love have been coming out with books. besides the two pictured above (DALS and the wednesday chef), i can't wait to get my hands on the smitten kitchen cookbook, the amateur gourmet's book, and homemade with love

in other news, we got a washer and dryer. to me it somehow signifies adulthood, responsibility, growing up. which i am not too thrilled about. but also it just means not having to drive our laundry two blocks twice a week, which is going to be amazing. i don't even think i'll miss our laundromat

Monday, 28 January 2013

a good sunday

(a huge awesome hot tub on our honeymoon)

thing is, i have been feeling extra, super tired lately. like, sleeping 11+ hours per night. and a little sick. and so yesterday j went to the store and bought me some bubble bath, jolly ranchers, and a magazine so i could have a sweet sweet bubble bath situation at home. it was so good. i haven't done that since i was maybe in middle school, and so i forgot how awesome a regular old bubble bath can be for your body and soul. j also took me for a breakfast of thick slices of toasted homemade white bread with fried eggs. we only eat seedy, spelty bread at home, so puffy white bread is such a huge treat.

Friday, 25 January 2013

happy friday

this week flew by for me. so looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. we have plans to get massages, get a new car, and maybe do some yoga. i don't know what i'm most excited for.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

a little secret

i buy my jeans from ardene. the teeny-bopper store that mostly sells tacky/trendy jewelry. i have repeatedly tried on skinnies at stores like gap, american eagle, winners. the ardene ones just fit me better. if you have a hard time finding skinnies, you may as well try ardene's. their jeans are around $20, so you can't go wrong.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

hotel review: robin hood hotel, grand falls, NL

(oh, those orange walls)  

price: around $110. pretty standard for the area
bathroom: fairly ugly, old, and tiny
pool: nope
breakfast: maybe the worst continental breakfast i have ever had, and i have had a lot. toast, fruit loops, coffee, orange juice. that's it.
wifi: yes, free
tv: good. we watched dragon's den. addictive
location: not awesome. the town is pretty small though, so no biggie
parking: free
notes: in the morning when we went down for the little breakfast, it was not set up. apparently someone didn't show up for their shift, so the breakfast ended up being 2 hours late. there was an apology, but still a weird situation. also, the entire hotel has this 80's blue carpeting that appears super duper dirty. i would never ever stay there again.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

a little trip to grand falls

 (really loving our snowshoes)

soo, we decided to take a little overnight trip to Grand Falls, which is about an hour from Gander. the main reason is that they have a movie theatre, and we were itching to see this movie, with all it's awards and good reviews. when we got there, we realized that i had read the schedule wrong, and actually this movie was playing, which looked truly terrible. we opted to watch bad reality tv instead.

if i'm honest, there really isn't much to do in Grand Falls. we asked the cabbie where was a good place to eat. he asked us if we like expensive, mcdonalds, or chinese. those were our three options. we chose expensive, but that restaurant happened to be closed, so he took us to chinese. i am not a buffet fan, but it seemed like the cool thing to do. i don't know what goes into that chinese food, but i was loving it. pineapple chicken? amazing

some cool things to do in Grand Falls in winter:
- snowshoe. there are lots of trails
- outdoor ice skating. we were sad we didn't bring our skates, because the little makeshift rink looked awesome
- play pool. we did this in a cute little bar
- get chinese food. might as well

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

on a snow day

on friday a blizzard hit newfoundland. we didn't get it too bad, but we did lose power for the entire day on friday. no work (sweet!), no heat, no internet, no power. it was kind of awesome. we cracked the nuts that we got during the holidays, we organized kitchen cabinets, we used what remained of our battery power on the laptops to watch a movie while piled high with blankets. jon made us coffee with our camp stove and expired instant coffee. we ate pb+js. it was a good day.

Monday, 14 January 2013

thoughts on 6 months ago

this is a long one. unless you are currently planning a wedding, you might not be too interested.

we were married 6 months ago today. i know it sounds hard to believe, but every single day of this marriage has been a tiny bit better than the one before. i guess for me it's about knowing that you are a part of a team. we were a team before we were married, but that little piece of paper really does make things feel different for me.

anyway, a couple things about our wedding did not go as planned. i am sure that many, many brides secretly feel this way. weddings are just so crazy because the bride (usually, along with the coordinator, maid of honour, mother of bride) spends tons of time and energy (and money) planning this day. then on the big day, you are supposed to "just enjoy it". so on that day, people are constantly coming up to you saying things like, "i totally just want you to enjoy your day, BUT there's this problem that is happening that i just wanted to let you know because i don't know what to do, and we need to fix it." examples from my wedding day:

1. the limo. the driver was super young and super new, and did not know his way around moncton. he was an hour late because he couldn't find the salon. when he finally came (to the parking lot of the hardware store next door), he wanted me to pay cash for the limo. i explained to him that i had already paid with my visa by phone weeks before. he was not having that. he wanted cash. he offered to drive me in the limo to an ATM (though he didn't know where any ATMs were). i had him call his manager (who was not working that day, of course). 15 minutes later, he had talked to his manager, and we were on our way. but really, not too fun.

2. the spa. i treated all my girls to pedicures at a fancy spa the day before the wedding. it was so fun, we had wine, and really had the best time. later that night, we got a call from the spa. we were all at the party my parents were hosting. the spa had accidentally undercharged me. i told them i didn't have my wallet with me (i was at my pre-wedding party), but i would do it first thing monday morning. they said no, they needed the money right then. i couldn't really leave my own party to go back and get my wallet, and we had just spent around $800 at the spa that day, so i really couldn't believe they couldn't just settle the bill two days later. the tip alone would have more than covered the amount i had been undercharged by. anyway, it was really upsetting, and i would never ever go back to this spa again because of it.

then there are a few parts of the wedding that i would totally do differently:

1. the photographer. j and i love taking pictures of our life and travels, but we are not fans of professional photos. we knew we would never put a picture of us on our wedding day up on the wall. just not our style. when we booked a photographer, i really wanted to get lots of pics of our guests. but i never told the photographer that. so she took as many pics of j and i as she could. but when all the guests did the wave before the ceremony, and when my university friends were all reuniting and chatting before the reception, the photographer was just chilling, waiting to take more pics of j and i. i wish i would have told the photographer what i wanted. seems so simple now.

2. the drinks. for j and i, drinks were really important. i think offering guests a drink right away makes them feel welcome. at our reception, the servers waited a full 30 minutes after we were all seated to pour the wine. i think maybe they didn't want to interrupt the impromptu speeches that were happening, i'm not sure. if i had a do-over, i would just have the bottles of wine at the tables so guests could serve themselves right away.

the issues may have been mostly because i had never met a single one of my vendors until the day of the wedding. our wedding ended up being a total success, and i think everyone had a great time, despite these little things. though j and i are both so happy we get to just be guests at our friend's weddings from now on.

Friday, 11 January 2013

it's friday

we are expecting a little snow here. the communities an hour away from us are expecting a minimum of 60 cm, while little old gander is only expecting 15 cm or so. blizzards are so exciting as long as you don't have to be on the roads.

j and i are planning to go see a movie this weekend, which equals a 4 hour round trip drive and a stay in a hotel. very excited. i hope everyone stays safe in the crazy weather!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

teenaged me: my so-called life

i was completely addicted to my so-called life when i was in middle school. i even dyed my hair red to match angela chase. and then when romeo and juliet came out, i watched it a million times. now, years later, i am so into homeland with claire danes. sometimes her character on homeland reminds me of angela chase. also, i clearly remember when everyone wore their flannel pajama pants to school. so strange.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

good genes

 (a poster from a charlottetown clothing store*, circa late 90's)

(jon and his mom when we went out for sushi over the holiday)

every time we see j's mom, i swear she looks younger. j's got good genes. just sayin. 

*when j was in high school, he did some modeling for the clothing store he worked at. he got to keep the clothes. this poster is at his father's house, and i love looking at it. it is about 6 feet tall. looks like it was used as a dart board. i love his gelled hair. 

Monday, 7 January 2013

our NYE

(yes, we went to bingo) 

(we may have been the youngest people there) 

(the scene)

j and i have been together for five NYE celebrations, but this is definitely the first we spent in a bingo hall. past new years eves: champagne on citadel hill in hali, champagne in mexico with my fam, at a house party in freddy, on an apartment crawl in hali. maybe we'll spend next year here in newfoundland. 

in past years i have been all about the resolutions (see here). this year, i am just going to focus on enjoying every day. we have a pretty amazing life here, and i am so excited for this year. 

in terms of accomplishing last year's resolutions, the main one that really sticks out for me is the snowboarding. i took lessons and rode the chairlift, and really started to enjoy it. there is something really scary for me about sliding down a steep snowy hill with your feet attached to a stiff board. i am hoping that it is like riding a bike, and i'll be able to pick up where i left off when we head back to the ski hill. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

checking in/checking out

i surprised myself by completely checking out for the entire two weeks of holidays. i can list on one hand the number of times i left my parent's/j's parent's house. i watched an impressive amount of kardashians, home renovation shows, infomercials. i am this close to ordering a ninja blender. i watched a marathon of sister wives. that situation is pretty crazy.

i am hoping to return to being a normal functioning member of society as work and real life start again.
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