Saturday, 16 December 2017

Will is 12 weeks old

So in love with this little guy. These weeks have flown by, I think partly because the weeks leading up to Christmas always go kind of fast. 

- He weighs over 14 lbs now. He feels really heavy to me. He is super strong, and rolls over every time we do tummy time now.

- He is so chatty!! He loves to make bubbles and babble with us.

- He is pretty much sleeping through the night. Most nights we get a long stretch of sleep from 11-5 or 6, which feels great to me. I feel pretty rested now, which is everything. He sleeps in his little bassinet beside my side of the bed. I'm hoping to get some kind of nap schedule happening during the day pretty soon. It's just lots of tiny catnaps right now.

- After many, many attempts, Will is finally taking a bottle. I'm hoping it's not a fluke. I am working 5 hours a week now, and have been feeding him in the parking lot, but the bottle thing will mean I don't have to do that. He is with my mom when I am working, which I think they are both loving.

- I still find it pretty hard to get much done during the day. I always try to treat myself (haha) to a shower, and I try to have supper made. After hanging out with Cohen, the rest is still hit or miss. The things that have been saving me lately: my Instant Pot, and online grocery shopping. I have been using the Instant Pot pretty much every day to either make soup for lunches or to cook veggies for supper. So easy. And the online grocery shopping is new in our town. I know lots of places have had it for years, and I am so happy we have it now too. I order a bunch of stuff online, then go pick it up, and they put it in my trunk for me. So I don't have to bundle the boys up to schlep them into the store. LOVE. It's $3, but worth at least $10 to me. I now wish all stores had this option.

Monday, 4 December 2017

On the weekend

Sometimes I feel like everyone else is super busy, while our little family is always laying low, relaxing. I love keeping our schedule pretty free so we can be a little spontaneous on the weekends. 

(This seems like maybe a little too much lego for a four-year-old? Is there such thing as too much lego? He loves it so much and plays with these guys all the time) 

(My boys. Cohen has started requesting I go get my phone so I can take a picture sometimes. This was one of those times. I always oblige.) 

(We went to the kids Christmas party at my mom's work. Cohen was in heaven with the cake, treats, crafts, and Santa showing up) 

(These two are twins. Will is getting really strong) 

(We end every night with a nice deep conversation between Will and I. He is super chatty around 10 pm every night) 

Our weekends have started with Saturday morning swimming lessons for Cohen for a while. He had his last one until after Christmas this past weekend. He went down the big slide all by himself, which was pretty awesome for a little guy who refused to go in the pool at all until recently. I got called in to work on Saturday, then I tested out my brand new Instant Pot when we had my parents over for supper. I am in love with the Instant Pot. Can't wait to do beans in it.

We took a super long family walk on Sunday morning, which I feel is the absolute best thing for a Sunday morning. We went to the Christmas party later at a nearby church. Cohen was super shocked when Santa showed up as we were singing Jingle Bells. He is all in on the magic of Christmas.
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