Thursday, 27 March 2014

some recent pics

(selfies with our happy little dude) 

(always helps me make the bed) 

(he is obsessed with coffee cups) 

(ready for a swim in the hotel) 

(having a drink in the backseat)

Notes: Like I mentioned before, we have been on the go a little more than usual the past few weeks. That meant a few extra nights in hotels, and lots more time in the car. Road trips with an 8 month old are way, way more challenging than when Cohen was only a few months old. Now, he gets annoyed if he has to be in his carseat longer than an hour. And he is getting so big, it is harder to nurse in the backseat of our car :) Also, I am experimenting with a wash tape headboard. I kinda like it, though our stores only had one single color choice (lime green). Also, I have been getting Jon to chop the ends of my hair every few months, but I think it's finally time for a real haircut. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cohen's March teaching day + family news!

(dude with the teacher) 

(he loves the toys) 

(he used to be the same size as the dolly!)

Cohen had his teaching day last week. I loved bringing my mother in law along to show her what Cohen does every week. From the moment we walk into the elementary school every month, Cohen is basically a celebrity, and I think Jon's mom really appreciated that. This time we were talking about safety, and the students recommended that I put rails on Cohen's bed when he is older. Noted. 

The kids were also wondering how I felt when I drove home from the hospital for the first time with Cohen. I have been thinking about those moments lately anyways, since my sister gave birth to a sweet baby girl named Grayce on the weekend!! I told the kids I felt so exhausted, and so happy. I had never been so happy or exhausted in my life. 

Anyway, my sister was so amazing. When I talked to her at around 1 pm on Saturday she was starting to have contractions at home. Kryssy was trying to convince mom and I that they were probably just normal cramps, but we knew better. Baby was born less than 10 hours later, one day before her official due date! She is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen, and Cohen can't wait to meet his baby cousin. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Busy, busy

We have been a little busier than usual lately. We had Jon's mom visiting, which equals two road trips into town a few hours away to take her to and from the airport, and also an extra day or two of work for me. Her visit also meant longer suppers, lingering over wine, playing cards, and talking about life in Trinidad in the sixties. We had a great week. In the meantime, my blog magically disappeared for a few days. Strange. So until we are back to our usual routine, I leave you with a few cute photos of Cohen and his little buddy. Cohen's friend is 3 months younger, and almost the same size. But when I see them together, I just think about how Cohen is starting to look like a little boy instead of a baby! So cute. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

8 months old

Cohen is 8 months old today!!! He is seeming more and more like a little boy every day to me. I am a little MIA lately since my mother in law is visiting. We are loving having her here. This past month with our little dude:

- He got two sweet little teeth! They are the cutest thing. 
- He has been eating more and more. He loves his sweet potato and applesauce. He doesn't love carrots. Rosita, my mother in law, introduced him to buttered whole wheat toast a few days ago. Oh wow. He loved it. He was not too thrilled when his mother had to pry soggy toast from his little fist and mouth once he had sucked on it for a while. 
- He is still sleeping so well. He sleeps 7 pm to 7 am every night with two dreamfeeds.
- Crawling is not happening yet. He loves to sit up and play with his blocks, but he is not really interested in getting around yet. We tell him to take his time:)
- He attended my sister's baby shower in Moncton, which took his flight count to 8! He is so good on flights. 
- He seems on the verge of his first word. Our sitter thinks he has already said her name, and he babbles dadada all the time, but I don't think we have heard a true word yet. I love his sweet little voice. More in love than ever.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

on the weekend

(Cohen and J after the race) 

(we've been giving C big chunks of fruits and veggies to play with) 


It was J's birthday this weekend. We usually keep birthdays pretty low-key around here, with maybe a little trip or special meal. This year, J wanted to do his first cross country ski race (and he wanted carrot cake, which I happily baked, then helped him eat). I love that J is always up for trying new things. He did amazing, as usual, and Cohen and I loved hanging out in the ski hut, and then watching J cross the finish line. 

On friday night we got a babysitter (for the second time ever) so that we could go for supper at our favourite spot. The staff at the restaurant were all shocked to see us without our little baby:) For me, the best part about going out for supper without Cohen was the walk from the car. We usually have our hands full, with Jon carrying Cohen, and me carrying the diaper bag. On friday, I had only my small bag, so we could put our arms around each other while we walked. Such a small thing, but sometimes you remember the small things the most. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

mother and son

(what our weekday mornings look like)

(me reading magazines, Cohen playing with his blocks)

After reading the book by this blogger (who happens to live only a few hours from me, and who happens to be super funny), I felt compelled to make sure there are a few more pictures of Cohen and I. I think a lot of times the mom ends up being the unofficial photographer in the family, so we don't end up in pictures as much. These pictures aren't perfect, and I don't find them exactly flattering, but I love them anyway.

Monday, 3 March 2014

on the weekend

We have a pretty good routine on Sunday mornings as of late. Jon makes coffee, and we sit on the couch with Cohen, drinking coffee, chatting, sometimes checking out the Shirk Report.  And no matter how many baby toys we try to entice Cohen with, he always just wants our coffee. This weekend, after his coffee was all gone, Jon let Cohen touch his mug. Right away, Cohen tried to drink out of it, like his dad. It was the cutest. He looks so happy with himself. 

After, we went for breakfast at the Irving Big Stop, which is a gas station, convenience store, and diner all in one. We were served by Paulette, who has been serving us since Cohen was just 5 days old. She says she thinks of herself as an aunt since she has watched him grow. When we go out for meals, J and I usually just pass Cohen back and forth, feeding him whatever is on our plate that is appropriate. On Sunday morning, we were feeding him yolks from our fried eggs. He was loving it. By the end of it he was a total mess, but very happy. On our way out, the elderly gentleman in the booth beside us got Jon's attention. He said that Cohen was lucky to have parents like us. That's all he said. It took him two seconds to say it. But he said it as if he was an authority on the subject. I would guess that he has a few kids, and probably a handful of grandkids. I don't know if he said it because we were laughing so much about the mess Cohen had made. Or maybe he could just tell how happy the three of us were. And it totally made our day. 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hotel review: Capital Hotel, St. John's, NL

We ended up staying at the Capital Hotel in St. John's on our way back from my sister's baby shower because of bad weather. 

Price: $99 plus tax. This was a special they were having. The cheapest hotel rate I have ever heard of in St. John's
Bathroom: Old and plain. The bathtub and toilet are separate from the sink. This is really common with the older hotels around here, I find
Pool: Nope
Breakfast: Nope. There is a restaurant downstairs that serves breakfast, but not included. We opted for Cora's instead
TV: Good. We watched House Hunters International. Addictive
Wifi: Yes, though the password they give out is wrong, so you have to call the front desk for the actual password.
Location: Really good if you plan to shop a lot. Really close to the Avalon mall, and lots of other shops.
Parking: Free


- We ordered supper to our room from the restaurant downstairs. The food was decent, and the beer came with saran wrap on it (I guess they have to do this?). Nothing special at all.

- Their crib was the normal travel crib, which was perfect.

- The price is hard to beat. We might stay here again if we are trying to save a few bucks, and we want to be close to the mall. The bed was comfortable, with a new duvet, which was nice.

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