Tuesday, 18 March 2014

8 months old

Cohen is 8 months old today!!! He is seeming more and more like a little boy every day to me. I am a little MIA lately since my mother in law is visiting. We are loving having her here. This past month with our little dude:

- He got two sweet little teeth! They are the cutest thing. 
- He has been eating more and more. He loves his sweet potato and applesauce. He doesn't love carrots. Rosita, my mother in law, introduced him to buttered whole wheat toast a few days ago. Oh wow. He loved it. He was not too thrilled when his mother had to pry soggy toast from his little fist and mouth once he had sucked on it for a while. 
- He is still sleeping so well. He sleeps 7 pm to 7 am every night with two dreamfeeds.
- Crawling is not happening yet. He loves to sit up and play with his blocks, but he is not really interested in getting around yet. We tell him to take his time:)
- He attended my sister's baby shower in Moncton, which took his flight count to 8! He is so good on flights. 
- He seems on the verge of his first word. Our sitter thinks he has already said her name, and he babbles dadada all the time, but I don't think we have heard a true word yet. I love his sweet little voice. More in love than ever.

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