Wednesday, 12 March 2014

on the weekend

(Cohen and J after the race) 

(we've been giving C big chunks of fruits and veggies to play with) 


It was J's birthday this weekend. We usually keep birthdays pretty low-key around here, with maybe a little trip or special meal. This year, J wanted to do his first cross country ski race (and he wanted carrot cake, which I happily baked, then helped him eat). I love that J is always up for trying new things. He did amazing, as usual, and Cohen and I loved hanging out in the ski hut, and then watching J cross the finish line. 

On friday night we got a babysitter (for the second time ever) so that we could go for supper at our favourite spot. The staff at the restaurant were all shocked to see us without our little baby:) For me, the best part about going out for supper without Cohen was the walk from the car. We usually have our hands full, with Jon carrying Cohen, and me carrying the diaper bag. On friday, I had only my small bag, so we could put our arms around each other while we walked. Such a small thing, but sometimes you remember the small things the most. 

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