Tuesday, 23 February 2016

An update on Cohen's allergies

Cohen's cheeks are so clear now!! It is such a big relief for Jon and I to see those clear cheeks every morning. They aren't perfect all the time. I think that sometimes he will end up getting a tiny bit of an allergen from restaurant food or whatever, but mostly, things are so much better than ever. 

(before his last allergy test in October 2015) 

(days after the last allergy test) 

(in December, after the had eliminated coconut for a few weeks) 

(in January 2016, after a weekend of restaurant eating) 


I have written about our allergy adventures a lot, and this is the first time we have seen clear cheeks for months at a time. Before we went to the last allergy test, I just knew there was something else that he must be allergic to. I was super surprised when it was coconut. It took a few weeks of zero-coconut for the cheeks to clear up, but they have been consistently clear ever since. Cohen still does have really sensitive skin, so if he eats salty chips or crispy fries, his lips get red. And he has dry lips when it is cold outside. But basically, we have solved his allergies. And it feels so good. Jon and I are so fine with a nut-free, wheat-free, coconut-free home. We eat completely, 100% different than we used to, and we feel great. 

We are looking forward to the allergies fading away when Cohen is older, as the doctor tells us they probably will. It's not like we really want to bring gluten back into our home, it's just that it will make socializing with other kids a bit easier. To any parents who are dealing with extreme "emphysema", I would definitely suggest an elimination diet or allergy testing. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

For sale

Our community does not have a big Craigslist or Kijiji situation, but it does have these groups on Facebook where people will sell things. I love looking at them so much. People get super mad about high prices and there will be like 50 comments on one snowboard for sale because people are so into it. I use snowboard as an example because one time Jon said I could put up one of his old snowboards for $10, and a bunch of people commented that I did it wrong and had the wrong brand and measurements and stuff. So I was totally done with selling stuff on Facebook after that. But I still look at it sometimes, and this gem caught my eye. 

This "cabin converted from a school bus" is going for a cool $500. Those skidoos are not for sale.

Check it out. It has the original seats and a wood stove. You just can't go wrong.

And bunk beds!!! Amazing deals. Check out the sweet carpeting.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

New baby

My little sister had a sweet baby boy late Tuesday night! I am watching airfares like a hawk trying to figure out a way to see him. These are not pics of him (these are Cohen, of course), but he was almost 9 pounds and has dark hair. I love being an auntie.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

On the weekend

Valentine's day is so much fun now that we have a toddler. He was so excited about making Valentines for Jon and I, and going on a Valentine's date with us. 

(my two favorite people) 

(at Jungle Jim's for a family date) 

(Valentine's day breakfast)

We have a ton of snow right now after two storms in a row that actually had us closing the clinic for an afternoon. So we did some snowshoeing on the weekend, and a ton of sliding in our front yard. We made snow angels and snow turtles. Having a two year old is really fun. I am really not a mom who loves to be playing with toy cars or plastic figures for longer than ten minutes at once, but being outside and playing in the snow (or mud, or grass, etc) is awesome. 

We went for breakfast on Sunday morning at our usual spot, then Jon and I ordered pizza after Cohen went to sleep that night. We love pizza like everyone ever, but we have not found a good gluten-free (and nut-free, coconut-free, allergen-free) pizza crust. So we secretly eat pizza every couple months, and talk about it all week and get so excited for it. We watched the movie True Story on Netflix, which made me so sad. I would not recommend it to sensitive moms, mostly due to James Franco being so good at playing a crazy person. Too sad, especially on Valentine's Day. 

Jon gave me the best gift, Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It's so hard to find in our little town, but he spotted it by the popsicles at the gas station on the highway. I'm probably going to go buy the five other pints that are there. I mean, who else will do it? I have to support local. 

Monday, 8 February 2016

2.5 years old

(he loves baking- mostly just eating chocolate chips actually) 

(riding in his wagon that I think every toddler has right now)

(making a snowman) 


Cohen was two-and-a-half a few weeks ago. This is what's happening with him lately:

- Recently started climbing in and out of his crib with ease. We will definitely be turning his crib into a toddler bed soon. 

- He is really up and down about food. One day he loves chicken, and the next he won't touch it. We have never worried much about what/how much he eats. The other night we had brussels sprouts, and he ate everything on his plate, then started eating all the brussels sprouts from my plate, then Jon's. But he probably won't even like them tomorrow.

-We have started to see hints of the "terrible two" tantrums we had heard so much about. Usually it happens when he wants to do something himself and he can't do it, like zipper his coat. He flips out. Or if he is super tired/hungry. Which makes everyone cranky, right? 

- He talks a lot, and sings, and dances. Sometimes when we are in the car, he says, "Do you guys want to do a little bit of dancing?" It's the cutest thing. He just likes to nod his head and fist-pump a bit. 

- He is so particular about putting away his toys. Everything has be to in just the right place. So much like his dad. I love it. 

- He goes to bed around 7:45 pm and usually wakes up around 6:45 am. He still has a nap at around 1 pm for an hour or two. 

- Still firmly into diapers. We aren't really seeing any signs that he is ready to use his potty despite us talking about it all the time and keeping his potty out and buying underwear, etc. We are guessing he'll be closer to three when he is ready. 

Favourite song: Excursion Around the Bay by Great Big Sea
Favourite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favourite toys: Train set and Paw Patrol figures
Favourite food: Pancakes and muffins and cookies

Saturday, 6 February 2016

The last two weekends (in crappy iPhone pics)

We actually had a really busy last couple weekends. Last weekend we were in Halifax for a course (on root canals, yes!). The weekend before we had a rare date night in which we went to a seven-course meal at the ski resort in our town. 

(I wanted to take more pics of the plates but this was the only one I got) 

(snowshoeing/sliding before we lost all our snow) 

(he loves washing his toys in the sink) 

(playing the piano at YYT) 

(on the moving sidewalk at YHZ) 

(hotel life) 

(Cohen and his teddy) 

(shuttle to the airport) 

(catching a ride to the car)

The eat the hill event was really cool. We were seated with a group of strangers (two nice couples), and sat down for seven courses, all from different local restaurants (when I say local, I mean two hours away in St. John's, since we do not have any fine dining here :). We had things like beaver pie, moose soup, and ice cream with bacon on top. Although I ate it all, I found some courses really odd. I think that's the whole point. My fav was the bacon-topped ice cream. I am all about sweet and salty. 

Last weekend was our trip to Halifax. There was such a terrible storm happening that the pilot came on and told us we might now be able to land, and he was just gonna keep circling the airport for a while to see if the snowplows could clear the snow away fast enough for him to land. Oh my. Anyway, we did land, and my parents were there to pick us up. Jon and I kept pretty busy all weekend, leaving Cohen with the grandparents. So awesome. We had one minor situation when Teddy bear went missing for two hours. Jon and I were pretty much ready to book the next flight out of here. We have never ever attempted a night without Teddy. We eventually found him in the lobby, and I really don't know who was more relieved. For the first time, we had a really hard time getting through security at the airports because Cohen can barely stand his teddy to go through the x-ray machine. Toddler freak-outs seem pretty standard at security so Jon and I don't even bat an eye. 

I learned a small lesson on this last trip. If you are only going somewhere for two days and staying in a hotel and have work stuff you have to do, don't even try to optimistically plan social stuff on top of work stuff. It's probably not going to happen because toddlers and traveling. 

Also, our hotel in Halifax was seriously awesome. We had a suite with a kitchen and separate bedroom for us and a regular room across the hall for my parents, and it was perfect. They were so incredibly good about Cohen's allergies in the dining room. Also, there was a hot tub that Jon and I snuck up to one night after the little guy was (finally) asleep while my parents hung out in our room. 
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