Monday, 8 February 2016

2.5 years old

(he loves baking- mostly just eating chocolate chips actually) 

(riding in his wagon that I think every toddler has right now)

(making a snowman) 


Cohen was two-and-a-half a few weeks ago. This is what's happening with him lately:

- Recently started climbing in and out of his crib with ease. We will definitely be turning his crib into a toddler bed soon. 

- He is really up and down about food. One day he loves chicken, and the next he won't touch it. We have never worried much about what/how much he eats. The other night we had brussels sprouts, and he ate everything on his plate, then started eating all the brussels sprouts from my plate, then Jon's. But he probably won't even like them tomorrow.

-We have started to see hints of the "terrible two" tantrums we had heard so much about. Usually it happens when he wants to do something himself and he can't do it, like zipper his coat. He flips out. Or if he is super tired/hungry. Which makes everyone cranky, right? 

- He talks a lot, and sings, and dances. Sometimes when we are in the car, he says, "Do you guys want to do a little bit of dancing?" It's the cutest thing. He just likes to nod his head and fist-pump a bit. 

- He is so particular about putting away his toys. Everything has be to in just the right place. So much like his dad. I love it. 

- He goes to bed around 7:45 pm and usually wakes up around 6:45 am. He still has a nap at around 1 pm for an hour or two. 

- Still firmly into diapers. We aren't really seeing any signs that he is ready to use his potty despite us talking about it all the time and keeping his potty out and buying underwear, etc. We are guessing he'll be closer to three when he is ready. 

Favourite song: Excursion Around the Bay by Great Big Sea
Favourite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favourite toys: Train set and Paw Patrol figures
Favourite food: Pancakes and muffins and cookies

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