Tuesday, 16 February 2016

On the weekend

Valentine's day is so much fun now that we have a toddler. He was so excited about making Valentines for Jon and I, and going on a Valentine's date with us. 

(my two favorite people) 

(at Jungle Jim's for a family date) 

(Valentine's day breakfast)

We have a ton of snow right now after two storms in a row that actually had us closing the clinic for an afternoon. So we did some snowshoeing on the weekend, and a ton of sliding in our front yard. We made snow angels and snow turtles. Having a two year old is really fun. I am really not a mom who loves to be playing with toy cars or plastic figures for longer than ten minutes at once, but being outside and playing in the snow (or mud, or grass, etc) is awesome. 

We went for breakfast on Sunday morning at our usual spot, then Jon and I ordered pizza after Cohen went to sleep that night. We love pizza like everyone ever, but we have not found a good gluten-free (and nut-free, coconut-free, allergen-free) pizza crust. So we secretly eat pizza every couple months, and talk about it all week and get so excited for it. We watched the movie True Story on Netflix, which made me so sad. I would not recommend it to sensitive moms, mostly due to James Franco being so good at playing a crazy person. Too sad, especially on Valentine's Day. 

Jon gave me the best gift, Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It's so hard to find in our little town, but he spotted it by the popsicles at the gas station on the highway. I'm probably going to go buy the five other pints that are there. I mean, who else will do it? I have to support local. 

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