Tuesday, 23 February 2016

An update on Cohen's allergies

Cohen's cheeks are so clear now!! It is such a big relief for Jon and I to see those clear cheeks every morning. They aren't perfect all the time. I think that sometimes he will end up getting a tiny bit of an allergen from restaurant food or whatever, but mostly, things are so much better than ever. 

(before his last allergy test in October 2015) 

(days after the last allergy test) 

(in December, after the had eliminated coconut for a few weeks) 

(in January 2016, after a weekend of restaurant eating) 


I have written about our allergy adventures a lot, and this is the first time we have seen clear cheeks for months at a time. Before we went to the last allergy test, I just knew there was something else that he must be allergic to. I was super surprised when it was coconut. It took a few weeks of zero-coconut for the cheeks to clear up, but they have been consistently clear ever since. Cohen still does have really sensitive skin, so if he eats salty chips or crispy fries, his lips get red. And he has dry lips when it is cold outside. But basically, we have solved his allergies. And it feels so good. Jon and I are so fine with a nut-free, wheat-free, coconut-free home. We eat completely, 100% different than we used to, and we feel great. 

We are looking forward to the allergies fading away when Cohen is older, as the doctor tells us they probably will. It's not like we really want to bring gluten back into our home, it's just that it will make socializing with other kids a bit easier. To any parents who are dealing with extreme "emphysema", I would definitely suggest an elimination diet or allergy testing. 

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