This is a blog about our life in Newfoundland. I love to travel, especially road tripping, camping, and hoteling. If you are doing some traveling around the rock, you might find some good info here, or maybe you can just look at the pictures. 

We just became a family of three! We welcomed our little guy, Cohen, last July. Read our birth story here. I love my job as a dentist. I am married to a dentist, too. I like to write about my attempt to balance my career with my role as mother and wife. 

We recently moved to the little town of Clarenville in Newfoundland. If anyone ever knows something cool happening here, I want to know about it. 

Other things I love:
Making stuff in the kitchen. Especially anything involving my precious food processor.
Traveling outside of this province. Our next places we want to visit: iceland, hawaii, bali
Biking. I have a green trek I love, and j has three bikes. He is intense about biking.
Outdoor activities. Growing tomatoes (hypothetically. I think i would love this), ice skating, swimming, picnicking, jogging (30 min max per day), berry picking, snowboarding.


  1. Hi there, just wondering if you would be willing to do some blogging on behalf of a car company as a mommy/travel pro. We would obviously provide the vehicle! Let me know!

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    1. That's awesome! We will definitely have to meet up! Cohen and Blake Everly can be bff! In terms of neighborhoods, if you want to be right in Clarenville, there is a nice area behind the high school. We live in Shoal Harbour, which is about 6 minutes from Clarenville. It's nice too, especially if you want a brand new house. Keep in touch-maybe you will find a house really close to us!


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