Thursday, 25 January 2018

Just a few pics

Just a few pictures of our boys from the last week or two. We are loving hanging out with these guys so much, spending lots of time at home. 

Will: We took him for his 4 month immunizations last week, and he was a champ. He is in the 90th percentile for weight and height. He has been really into his feet lately, and he just mastered rolling from back to front. He is pretty feisty and always wants to be doing what his brother is doing. He also refuses a bottle now. So we are back to me nursing him in the parking lot halfway through my shift at work, which is actually so easy for me, and my coworkers are pretty used to me disappearing for ten minutes when Will shows up.

Love that little guy, and also excited that the doctor gave us the OK to start solid food at 5 months. I really do like breastfeeding, but I also love the idea of having a bit more freedom to leave Will for more than two hours without worrying he will get hungry. For me, breastfeeding will end around Will's first birthday, so I am celebrating that I am 1/3 done now.

Cohen: We just passed his half birthday, so he is now 4.5 years old. He is getting so independent, which is cool to see, and sort of necessary now that we have a baby in the house. He can now take a bath all by himself (with me in the bathroom, but busy with Will), including washing his hair, checking water temperature, filling the tub, etc. He sets the table for supper and helps clear the table after (on a good day). He is growing so fast! Every time he gets dressed I realize that another pair of pants is too short. He weights around 38.5 pounds, and we are excited for the 40 pound mark because it means we can switch him to a booster seat in the car.

(tummy time)



Sunday, 14 January 2018

Will is 16 weeks old

Will is almost four months old, which is crazy because he was just born. I love the weird little milestones like now he can sit on our lap at the restaurant and look around. So much easier. Also, yesterday Cohen was pretending his water tasted bad, and had Will laughing hysterically. Jon and I basically both started crying because it was the coolest moment ever. Also, I busted the crotch in TWO pairs of stretchy jeans. I may have jumped the gun on switching out of the maternity jeans. 

(This was right before we dismantled Will's cradle. He is growing so fast!!) 

(This is a really good look at my normal life right now. Holding a baby, trying to get Cohen and myself ready for daily life)

(love a baby in overalls. Also, that face)

- Will's sleep is kinda all over the place right now. He is still sleeping beside me in the basket bassinet, but he is pretty much touching the ends. He wakes up maybe three times per night and at least once he is wide awake and chatty. I'm not sure if I'm ready for him to be in his own room yet-we will see. 

- We are still exclusively breastfeeding and he is taking a bottle of my pumped milk when I am at work. I am doing ten hours at work this week- I am taking my return to work super slowly. I feel really lucky I can do that.

- Will gets super frustrated these days because he seems to want to crawl when we put him on he floor. He also loses it when he can't get a toy to go in his mouth. He loves chewing on his fingers too.

Monday, 8 January 2018

The rest of our holidays

When we got home to NB on Boxing day, we had planned to dive right into our usual Christmas stuff with my sister and brother and my niece and nephew. And then we each got so sick. It started with my sister, then my niece, then my brother, then my dad, and then me. It was bad. Vomiting, etc. IT knocked each one of us out for two full days. So the rest of the holiday was spent just doing the best we could, hanging out, and relaxing a lot. 

(my brother turned 29 on the 28th) 

(we got through one huge puzzle. This is a tradition whenever we all get together) 

(these cousins. Graycie is pretty much obsessed with Will) 

(the attempt to get that cousin pyjama pic) 

 (I mean. The sweetest)

(we did one sleepover night at Nan and Gramps) 

(these two could not be more different. They get along better and better as they get older)

Being super sick over the holidays was not awesome, but it did force me to slow down. We did not do much at all. I even had to cancel our New Years party because I was throwing up. Jon and I are looking at 2018 as a year to slow down, stay home more, travel smaller (like maybe just Moncton and PEI a few times), and just hang out with family and friends. No huge purchases, no big decisions. 2017 was crazy for us, so we could use a quiet year. 

Our Christmas on the island

This was our third or fourth Christmas spent on PEI, where Jon's parents live. We have always tried to split our holiday break (2012, 2013) between our two families, and we feel like we have finally figured out how to do it. It helps that we now live 4 minutes from my parents and 4 hours from Jon's parents. We ended up spending four nights in PEI, in an Airbnb in downtown Charlottetown. Jon's mom lives 6 minutes from where we stayed, and his dad is only maybe 20 minutes away. 

(our set-up at the Airbnb) 

(we drove to PEI after work on the Friday, and had to stop MANY times. Cohen loved it) 

 (this little guy was not loving his carseat. we pulled over frequently so Jon and I could pass him back and forth. I ended up between the two boys for most of the trip.)

 (Cohen liked helping his Grandma with her cooking)

(Jon's cousin brought us these amazing chocolates. So good)

(chilling in the Airbnb)

(family selfie Christmas morning. Santa found us in the Airbnb) 

 (Cohen playing with a Christmas gift)

(this was us at all the gas stations)

Even though we were only in PEI for four nights, we ended up getting into a little routine. We would get up, have a little coffee and breakfast at the apartment, then head to Jon's mother's for the day. We would have lunch there, hang out, then head back to our place in the late afternoon. Jon's mom would bring supper to our apartment so we could all eat and hang out after the boys went to bed. We loved having our own place in Charlottetown, because it meant we could entertain a bit and hang out in the evenings. We ended up having Jon's family over for multiple meals, and also a few friends and extended family also. I am all about the Airbnb vacation these days. 
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