Sunday, 14 January 2018

Will is 16 weeks old

Will is almost four months old, which is crazy because he was just born. I love the weird little milestones like now he can sit on our lap at the restaurant and look around. So much easier. Also, yesterday Cohen was pretending his water tasted bad, and had Will laughing hysterically. Jon and I basically both started crying because it was the coolest moment ever. Also, I busted the crotch in TWO pairs of stretchy jeans. I may have jumped the gun on switching out of the maternity jeans. 

(This was right before we dismantled Will's cradle. He is growing so fast!!) 

(This is a really good look at my normal life right now. Holding a baby, trying to get Cohen and myself ready for daily life)

(love a baby in overalls. Also, that face)

- Will's sleep is kinda all over the place right now. He is still sleeping beside me in the basket bassinet, but he is pretty much touching the ends. He wakes up maybe three times per night and at least once he is wide awake and chatty. I'm not sure if I'm ready for him to be in his own room yet-we will see. 

- We are still exclusively breastfeeding and he is taking a bottle of my pumped milk when I am at work. I am doing ten hours at work this week- I am taking my return to work super slowly. I feel really lucky I can do that.

- Will gets super frustrated these days because he seems to want to crawl when we put him on he floor. He also loses it when he can't get a toy to go in his mouth. He loves chewing on his fingers too.

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