Monday, 8 January 2018

Our Christmas on the island

This was our third or fourth Christmas spent on PEI, where Jon's parents live. We have always tried to split our holiday break (2012, 2013) between our two families, and we feel like we have finally figured out how to do it. It helps that we now live 4 minutes from my parents and 4 hours from Jon's parents. We ended up spending four nights in PEI, in an Airbnb in downtown Charlottetown. Jon's mom lives 6 minutes from where we stayed, and his dad is only maybe 20 minutes away. 

(our set-up at the Airbnb) 

(we drove to PEI after work on the Friday, and had to stop MANY times. Cohen loved it) 

 (this little guy was not loving his carseat. we pulled over frequently so Jon and I could pass him back and forth. I ended up between the two boys for most of the trip.)

 (Cohen liked helping his Grandma with her cooking)

(Jon's cousin brought us these amazing chocolates. So good)

(chilling in the Airbnb)

(family selfie Christmas morning. Santa found us in the Airbnb) 

 (Cohen playing with a Christmas gift)

(this was us at all the gas stations)

Even though we were only in PEI for four nights, we ended up getting into a little routine. We would get up, have a little coffee and breakfast at the apartment, then head to Jon's mother's for the day. We would have lunch there, hang out, then head back to our place in the late afternoon. Jon's mom would bring supper to our apartment so we could all eat and hang out after the boys went to bed. We loved having our own place in Charlottetown, because it meant we could entertain a bit and hang out in the evenings. We ended up having Jon's family over for multiple meals, and also a few friends and extended family also. I am all about the Airbnb vacation these days. 

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