Monday, 8 January 2018

The rest of our holidays

When we got home to NB on Boxing day, we had planned to dive right into our usual Christmas stuff with my sister and brother and my niece and nephew. And then we each got so sick. It started with my sister, then my niece, then my brother, then my dad, and then me. It was bad. Vomiting, etc. IT knocked each one of us out for two full days. So the rest of the holiday was spent just doing the best we could, hanging out, and relaxing a lot. 

(my brother turned 29 on the 28th) 

(we got through one huge puzzle. This is a tradition whenever we all get together) 

(these cousins. Graycie is pretty much obsessed with Will) 

(the attempt to get that cousin pyjama pic) 

 (I mean. The sweetest)

(we did one sleepover night at Nan and Gramps) 

(these two could not be more different. They get along better and better as they get older)

Being super sick over the holidays was not awesome, but it did force me to slow down. We did not do much at all. I even had to cancel our New Years party because I was throwing up. Jon and I are looking at 2018 as a year to slow down, stay home more, travel smaller (like maybe just Moncton and PEI a few times), and just hang out with family and friends. No huge purchases, no big decisions. 2017 was crazy for us, so we could use a quiet year. 

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