Friday, 31 March 2017

Big news

We are making 2017 the craziest year of our lives by not only buying a clinic, but also having another baby. We are going all in. These are both things that a year ago we never ever thought we would do. But here we are, and we are thrilled. We closed on the clinic a few weeks ago, but we have been working hard on the deal for many months. I want to write more about our experience with it in upcoming posts, mostly just for me to look back on. And I am about 14 weeks pregnant. I am starting to feel slightly better, but it was rough for a few months. I did a lot of throwing up and not a lot of eating. 

The whole time we were in the process of buying the clinic, it never really felt real. We said that it wouldn't feel real until we were holding the keys. And then a few weeks ago we got the keys! I will write lots more later now that I have a tiny bit of energy and actually feel like a human again.

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