Thursday, 26 January 2017

High school girlfriends

I can't even begin to explain how lucky I feel that I am still hanging out with the exact same girls I hung out with in high school. As someone who has moved every 2-3 years for my whole entire life, it feels special to have people who knew me when I was younger. 

The other night we had our biannual gathering. One of these girls has actually been my best friend since we were in grade 5. We were in the quilting club together, and generally just huge nerds together. This is the kind of friend she is: When I was in grade 5, my snow pants were bright blue with huge black polka dots. They came from k-mart, and I was embarrassed. They did not even match my jacket. Other kids had plain black or navy ones ones. Well, Jess, traded me every day at lunch so I could wear her nondescript ones and not feel embarrassed. She proudly wore my bright polka dot ones. For me, that is a kind of generosity that is rare. Through all the years of school when I just wanted to be cool, she never ever cared about that for a second. What a total gift to have her in my life all those years. Anyway, years later, she introduced me to the other ladies when I moved back here in grade ten to finish high school. 

We went for supper and talked about all the current events in our lives. We are all actually going through A LOT right now. One of us is very pregnant, another just had twins, another is going through a divorce, and another is about to open a big business. When we took these polaroids, we couldn't believe how much they looked exactly like pictures we would have taken in high school. So basically, girlfriends are the best, especially the kind that stick around for a long time.

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