Monday, 2 January 2017

2016 was crazy

I remember being home a year ago for Christmas and visiting with my high school friends. I was talking about how I am not really loving being in NL anymore due to being so far from family, etc. One friend was like, move home to our tiny town!! And I was like, never!!! At that time I was sure I never ever wanted to live in this tiny military town where I did high school. And now, a year later, we are here, and more settled than ever. 

Right after we got home from our Christmas trip last year, Jon and I started seriously thinking about moving. By May, we were sure. We both locked down jobs here and we started searching for a house.   A handful of flights and lots of stress later, we sold our second car, took a boat, and moved into our house.

We are SO HAPPY here in Oromocto. I am actually kinda surprised how much we like it here. We have been able to see my high school and university friends on the regular, and Jon's mom, dad and brother have all visited. Life is so much easier here. My parents are a huge part of our lives now. We definitely don't see them every day, but they are Cohen's childcare 2.5 days a week, which is the greatest thing in the world. Mom works at the grocery store (the same one I worked at when I was in high school), so we see her when we get groceries. So cool.

2016 by the numbers:

1 house sold (at a huge loss, but whatevs)
1 house bought
1500 km moved
1 kitchen renovated in 1 week
2 new jobs started (one for each of us)
1 3-year-old started preschool
47th flight for Cohen. He has not been on an airplane since we moved back in July, and we opted to boat home instead of fly. Although we have another 2 flights booked for the end of this month, we are planning to keep the flight count as low as possible. We are so over multiple flights unless we get to visit someplace international
50 times (or so) that Cohen told us he didn't like our new house and just wanted to go back to Clarenville (he now loves it here, and tells us all the time that he loves our new house)
1 big kid bed bought for Cohen. We ditched the crib in October and it feels so good.
0 doctors that we have. So hard to get a doctor around here! I am finding it tough with all the allergies, but hopefully soon.

I am so excited about 2017. We are visiting my grandmother in a few weeks, and I have a couple girls nights planned with old friends (so wouldn't have happened while living on the rock) in the next couple months. Jon and I will probably do a few courses, and we have a lot going on professionally. We are hoping to do a lot of road trips around the province instead of taking flights this year. We want to do some hiking and a little snowboarding. We are also kinda dying to renovate our master bathroom, which sounds so lame, but there it is.

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