Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A few holiday pics

(We love sliding with Cohen and our niece) 

(So fun, and seriously tiring because she makes me pull her up the hill.) 

(We made a lot of gluten free dairy free nut free egg free gingerbread men. So hard to find a recipe that fits our crazy restrictions, but this one worked great. We subbed wow butter instead of nut butter) 

(we went to Cohen's first ever Christmas concert. He was santa claus. We were so impressed he remembered his lines. Each three-year-old had to memorize 8 lines. Crazy) 

(We got Cohen snowshoes. He loves them for about 15 minutes at a time. Not bad.)

(More sliding behind our house) 

(These two loved Christmas at Nan and Gramps. Loved kinder eggs from Nan) 

(Heading to PEI after Christmas. We still love a good road trip once in a while to listen to podcasts, drink coffee, and let Cohen watch shows on the iPad.)

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