Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Back from Ottawa

(our little traveller had his 43rd flight*)

We just got back from a five day trip to Ottawa, and we are pretty exhausted. We all came down with wicked colds while we were there, and basically just felt sick the whole time. We still managed to check out a few museums, visit a friend, and go to a few restaurants, but we mostly hung out at our Airbnb and relaxed.

Being really sick on a family trip is one of those bonding experiences that make Jon and I feel closer than ever. Something to add to our list of mildly hard things we have done together. We napped when Cohen napped, and we were always back to the apartment at 4 or 5, when Jon and I would have a beer and talk and read magazines while Cohen watched a show on the apple TV. That 45 minute time period was so great. Cohen decided not even to try to get used to the time change, and just got up at 5 am every single morning. Not even the coffee shops near the apartment were open until 6 am. He would then be ready for a nap at 11 am, and ready for bed at 6 pm. Jon and I would have a second supper after he was down, and watch House of Cards, of course.

More pics later...

* Our Ottawa friends were asking us if he is a good traveller, and we told them that he was excellent on planes, and his flight count. They were like, oh wow, what cool places have you gone?! But all those flights have been domestic, and most of them have been within the maritimes. Lots of them have just been to get off the rock. So maybe it's not as cool as it seems:)

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