Saturday, 19 March 2016


So I think we might be into those "terrible twos" that everyone told us about. I totally thought I had it covered, because since Cohen has been 1.5 years old, he has flipped out every other day about something small for like 5 minutes. Like if he can't get his jacket zipped up all my himself. That zipper is hard, but he absolutely insists on doing it himself, and gets even more mad when we try to help. But then after a couple minutes, he just forgets about it or gets over it. No biggie. I was like, this is easy!

But. Now, he has complete and total breakdowns lots of days. This morning it was because I suggested he put on his slippers because it was a little chilly. He snapped. And it takes him over half an hour to calm down. He screams and cries and falls on the floor and is completely inconsolable. In those moments I honestly feel like he must be in such extreme pain because he is screaming so loudly. We have tried a million different methods to deal with it, and it sucks. I am definitely not looking for advice right now, I more just want to remember this, because it's just part of the complete life experience. And I am proud to be a parent and get through it. Anyway, this is how the meltdowns usually end: half an hour after they started, it's like a switch flips in him, and he is back to normal. He asks us to read him a story, and we do, and then he is a perfect angel for the rest of the day. Jon and I are sometimes so shocked by how insane and angry he seems for those 30-40 minutes, and how great and sensitive and aware he seems for the rest of the day.

I know we have it so easy. We have one child. We are both home every night. But parenting. It's tough. And then we get to hang out with a sweet, kind, gentle boy most of the time. I am definitely not complaining. We are so lucky.

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