Monday, 21 March 2016

This past week

(Actually, this was from a week ago when we belatedly celebrated Jon's 35th birthday with a cake that Cohen decorated by dumping half a bottle of sprinkles on it. He picked out the sprinkles himself at the grocery store. They were stars) 

(When we play in the snow, I always get all serious and want to make sculptures. This day I made a sofa and armchair. Cohen dismantled while I built. We both had a good time)

(Selfie. I sometimes buy all three of us matching clothes. Not embarrassed) 

(Breakfast family date) 

(Cohen's first egg hunt. He loved it, especially fishing for eggs in the snow. We were told to bring a basket, but apparently Cohen's basket was not what they had in mind. Hehe. We will know for next year.) 

(Cohen got a stick-on mustache in an egg, and was pretty thrilled.)

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