Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cohen's March teaching day + family news!

(dude with the teacher) 

(he loves the toys) 

(he used to be the same size as the dolly!)

Cohen had his teaching day last week. I loved bringing my mother in law along to show her what Cohen does every week. From the moment we walk into the elementary school every month, Cohen is basically a celebrity, and I think Jon's mom really appreciated that. This time we were talking about safety, and the students recommended that I put rails on Cohen's bed when he is older. Noted. 

The kids were also wondering how I felt when I drove home from the hospital for the first time with Cohen. I have been thinking about those moments lately anyways, since my sister gave birth to a sweet baby girl named Grayce on the weekend!! I told the kids I felt so exhausted, and so happy. I had never been so happy or exhausted in my life. 

Anyway, my sister was so amazing. When I talked to her at around 1 pm on Saturday she was starting to have contractions at home. Kryssy was trying to convince mom and I that they were probably just normal cramps, but we knew better. Baby was born less than 10 hours later, one day before her official due date! She is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen, and Cohen can't wait to meet his baby cousin. 


  1. Caption photo 3: hey Madame that is my foot - what are you doing? I have socks on!

  2. How wonderful for your whole family!


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