Thursday, 27 March 2014

some recent pics

(selfies with our happy little dude) 

(always helps me make the bed) 

(he is obsessed with coffee cups) 

(ready for a swim in the hotel) 

(having a drink in the backseat)

Notes: Like I mentioned before, we have been on the go a little more than usual the past few weeks. That meant a few extra nights in hotels, and lots more time in the car. Road trips with an 8 month old are way, way more challenging than when Cohen was only a few months old. Now, he gets annoyed if he has to be in his carseat longer than an hour. And he is getting so big, it is harder to nurse in the backseat of our car :) Also, I am experimenting with a wash tape headboard. I kinda like it, though our stores only had one single color choice (lime green). Also, I have been getting Jon to chop the ends of my hair every few months, but I think it's finally time for a real haircut. 

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