Monday, 3 March 2014

on the weekend

We have a pretty good routine on Sunday mornings as of late. Jon makes coffee, and we sit on the couch with Cohen, drinking coffee, chatting, sometimes checking out the Shirk Report.  And no matter how many baby toys we try to entice Cohen with, he always just wants our coffee. This weekend, after his coffee was all gone, Jon let Cohen touch his mug. Right away, Cohen tried to drink out of it, like his dad. It was the cutest. He looks so happy with himself. 

After, we went for breakfast at the Irving Big Stop, which is a gas station, convenience store, and diner all in one. We were served by Paulette, who has been serving us since Cohen was just 5 days old. She says she thinks of herself as an aunt since she has watched him grow. When we go out for meals, J and I usually just pass Cohen back and forth, feeding him whatever is on our plate that is appropriate. On Sunday morning, we were feeding him yolks from our fried eggs. He was loving it. By the end of it he was a total mess, but very happy. On our way out, the elderly gentleman in the booth beside us got Jon's attention. He said that Cohen was lucky to have parents like us. That's all he said. It took him two seconds to say it. But he said it as if he was an authority on the subject. I would guess that he has a few kids, and probably a handful of grandkids. I don't know if he said it because we were laughing so much about the mess Cohen had made. Or maybe he could just tell how happy the three of us were. And it totally made our day. 

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