Monday, 16 June 2014

Cohen's Last Teaching Day

Cohen and I went to the elementary school this morning for his very last teaching day! It was in the gym with the two other anti-bullying babies and all the grade three students in the school.

The kids all sang while we walked in, then the babes were all meant to sit in the middle for questions. Well, Cohen insisted on walking around (while holding my hands) the whole time, and one of the other babes crawled after us. They put on quite a show.

The three babies are all born around the same time. This guy, Freddy, backed right up and sat in Cohen's lap. Cohen didn't seem to mind. So cute. The kids asked how many teeth each baby had. Cohen won with his six teeth, which the kids figured was because of his parents' profession. The kids also asked what size shoes that the babes wear. I have no idea. Tiny? Baby sized? one kids got up and said what moments with the babies were their favorite. The kids from our class said their favorite was the time that Cohen held hands with the doll and thought the doll was his girlfriend. So Cute!

Then all the kids were offered a cupcake, including the babies. Cohen dove into his like he had never tasted sugar before (which is pretty much true). The other babies were not so interested. Cohen was a sticky mess in minutes. He also insisted on wearing only the one shoe. The kids were commenting on how messy his hair is. Basically, he is just a total mess all the time. Love him.

The kids gave him homemade cards and a new outfit. The whole event almost brought tears to my eyes. There is nothing better for me than seeing Cohen interacting with other kids and babies, and seeming so happy and content. Thank you grade three students!!

PS: The first class, third class, fourth class.


  1. Photo #4.

    Why after 10 months am I only now getting a taste of sugar? Boy this is good stuff!

  2. He seems like such a content fella. Congratulations on a job well done, little teacher!


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