Thursday, 12 June 2014

A sunday hike

It was finally nice enough to do a little hike the other day. We did this same hike back when Cohen was just a few months old. Looking at those pictures, I can't believe how big Cohen is. I am really loving this stage, which I guess is what I have been saying at every stage.

We are now using the happy trails carrier from MEC. We love it. It is really light, and relatively inexpensive compared to other carriers we considered.

The carrier must be comfortable, because Cohen was shrieking with happiness for the first 45 minutes straight. He seemed so happy to be up and able to look around. There is absolutely nothing better for Jon and I than to see Cohen so happy, especially doing something we love to do.

We stopped at the top of the mountain for a little snack. I love that he can eat whatever we eat now.

The last half hour or so of the hike, Cohen fell fast asleep. That carrier must be pretty comfortable. I love that little baby so much. Look at those sweet eyelashes. And that fluffy baby hair! Anyway, I am really looking forward to doing a lot of hiking this summer.

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