Monday, 30 June 2014

On the weekend...

We went to the beach! And we went on a boat! What a good weekend. I was a little nervous about the boating, but it went mostly well. 


The little dude is typically not super into water, but after a few minutes at the beach, he was good. The beach near our house is just on a lake, so the water is super calm. He and Jon just sat on the edge of the water for half an hour, splashing a bit, but mostly just looking around. I sat back on our blanket and enjoyed watching the two of them.


 (love him)

(like a marshmallow) 

While Cohen loved the beach, the boating wasn't quite so fun for him. I think the worst part for him was wearing the giant puffy lifejacket, and going fast in the boat. Once we anchored for lunch, he was happy again.

(that sweet little face) 

On the way back to the dock, Cohen was not too happy. My friend had brought some cheese puffs, so we let Cohen try one. He was in love. So I fed him a bag of cheese puffs one by one until he fell asleep. I totally get why I sometimes see moms giving their kids chips at the grocery store. Those cheese puffs quieted Cohen right down!

(lubed up with tons of sunblock)

While we were at the beach, Cohen was always trying to play with other kids. He loves to grab our hands and run straight towards strangers. When he gets about a foot away from someone, he stops and just stares for a few minutes. No smiles, just staring. If you try to coax him away, he starts crying. I am just trying to embrace it, and chat with whomever Cohen chooses. 

Also, Cohen tried dog food for the first time this weekend. He loved it. He definitely got a few kernels (morsels?) before I could stop him. He was pissed when we took the dog bowl up off the floor. He spend the rest of his time chasing the dog, who was so not impressed. 

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