Thursday, 26 June 2014

More pics from our weekend on Bonavista Bay

(family selfie at Bella's Restaurant*) 

(sweet sleeping baby) 

 (he loves the hiking carrier so much)

(pizza picnic in the trunk**) 

(our view from the trunk) 

(hiking King's Cove on a rainy afternoon) 

(family selfie. with me looking possibly a little creepy)

*Bella's Restaurant was the cutest. This couple bought it and renovated it a couple years ago, then got married in it. They have these scrapbooks of the transformation that you can look through. The food was really good, and really reasonable. But the main reason we ended up there a few times over the weekend was because of how sweet this couple is. As a former waitress I think I have a really good "waitress-mode detector." I can tell when servers, hosts, etc are just turning on their sunny working demeanor. But this couple seemed really genuinely to enjoy their job of running this restaurant/motel. 

**We love the Bonavista Social Club. All the food is excellent. But that place is busy. It's really not an awesome place for kids. It's tiny and laid out really poorly. Jon had the idea to take our food and eat it out of the back of our SUV just down the road. Perfect. Also, Jon got the moose burger, which he ended up having to share because Cohen LOVED it. 

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