Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Review: Eagles Cliff Lodge

We stayed at Eagles Cliff Lodge in Bonavista Bay over the weekend. They got our business mainly because their website is really good compared to most accommodation websites in Newfoundland. 

I pretty much don't take pictures without the dude in them anymore. Also, now that I finally have an iPhone, I almost never bring along my normal camera. The phone is just so easy!

Cohen had a nice bath in the tub. The water in the area (like lots of areas of Newfoundland) is brown. Like, really brown. It's not a huge deal, but I was happy to get home to clear water coming from the tap.

Price: Expensive! $250 per night plus tax.
Bathroom: Small with a tub. There was also a small laundry in the washroom, which could be convenient for longer stays.
Breakfast: No. Though there is a full kitchen with all the dishes, pots, pans, coffee makers you could need to make breakfast.
Wifi: There was wifi, but it was super slow.
TV: There is a really small TV in an awkward spot in the living room. I did wish there had been a tv in the bedroom.
Location: Pretty bad. They advertise as being close to Trinity and Bonavista, the really cute little towns in the area, but this place is a good 30 minute drive from there. The closest restaurant is maybe 10 minutes away. Be prepared to do a lot of driving if you stay here. But. There were lots of icebergs around.

I really wasn't too impressed with this place. For the price and the isolated location, I would have liked to see a hot tub or a really fancy nice shower, or homemade buns in the morning (this is surprisingly common in NL). Two mountain bikes are supplied, but there is really nowhere to go with the bikes. The roads are really hilly and narrow and windy. Not safe for biking, especially with kids.

On the plus side, the bed was really comfortable. And it was really quiet at night. And there was a small hiking backpack in the closet that came in handy. This would be a good place to stay if you love hiking and kayaking, and it is July or August. Otherwise, I would recommend staying closer to the towns of Bonavista or Trinity.

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