Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cohen's May teaching day

Cohen had his second to last teaching day with his grade three class today. The grade threes were all really shocked by how different he looked today. I think it makes such a difference that he wears jeans and shoes now. One kid said he looked like a rock star.

Today we were talking about the reasons for the names our parents give us. I told the class about how Cohen is names after Leonard Cohen. The teacher said she was sure none of the eight-year-olds had heard of him. But one kid was like, yes, he wrote "Hallelujah." I was impressed.

One kid said he was named after a store in Ontario (Carter's), and he didn't know why his parents had chosen that particular store. Another kid said he was named after his classmate's dad. His classmate is his cousin. Another kid said that her name meant 'hilarious' in German. I thought it was so interesting, and I would have loved to hear every single kid's name story.

The kids loved how Cohen walked around the class (gripping both my hands very tightly), checking each student out. Then the whole class got really quiet for a minute so they could all hear Cohen grinding his little teeth. It is so loud! I know it's normal, but still. The teachers asked me when I am going to cut his hair. Never, maybe? I can't imagine cutting those sweet little wispy hairs. I love them, and so does Jon. What a sweetie.

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