Monday, 5 May 2014


I am 30 today! These pictures have nothing to do with turning thirty. They are just the most recent pictures I have on my computer (from a week and a half ago). And I probably wouldn't use a picture of me in a bikini if I wasn't happy with my body. But I am happy with my body, even though it is very different from the body I had at 27. 

I mainly want to record what is going on with me as I turn thirty:

- I am a new mom. Everything in my life pretty much revolves around that. I have been a mom for 9.5 months, and I love it, obviously. I love how lately he tries to feed me. Whatever he is eating, he tries to put it in my mouth. It's just the cutest, and even though I know he's just copying our actions, it still feels like he is trying to care for his momma. 

- I am still pretty much a newlywed. We haven't been married two years yet. We both have a lot of our attention turned to our little guy these days, which is the way we want it. We still spend a lot of time focused on each other, though. Most nights we sit and play cards and have tea. Most mornings we have coffee together. We go on family dates every weekend. And we are learning French together, which I find surprisingly rewarding. Plus we work together, so we get more time together than any other couple I know, and we love it.  

- I installed a new pendant light in our kitchen this weekend. I watched a youtube video, bought the light I liked, and got the tool kit from the basement. It took two tries, and some encouragement from Jon, but I did it! 

- I am unofficially the family travel planner. We are pretty much always booking a trip. Jon usually suggests a trip, then I start researching. Right now in the books: a road trip to Gander, a work trip to Ontario, a couples camping trip in NB, and a family vacation in Cavendish. I spend part of every day looking at flights, hotels, etc, just for fun. One of my favorite things to do. 

- For the coming year of my life, I want more of the same. I want to keep spending lots of time with my little family, and I want to make sure we never get too busy. I want to keep working and traveling. I want to work on relaxing a bit more, and living in the moment. 

PS: It is raining here today! 

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  1. Happiest of Birthdays Jess- I hope your day is wonderful!


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