Monday, 12 May 2014

Pictures from the weekend

(happy little dude practicing standing)

(J and I accidentally both wore our identical dark gray v-necks and similar cardigans)

(layered cupcakes in mason jars)

(confetti system wannabe banner)

(my boys at Mother's Day brunch)

(Coconut eating some eggs)

Notes (about Cohen, naturally):

- Cohen has three teeth (two bottom, one top), and the fourth is just about through. We have started brushing his little teeth with plain water, though he mostly just likes to chew on all toothbrushes

- I left Cohen and Jon for maybe 5 hours on Saturday for a baby shower I was helping with, and when Jon and Cohen joined me at the end, Jon showed me a video of Cohen crawling for the first time ever!! It is more of an army crawl, but still very impressive. He absolutely refuses to do it for me. He would rather I just pick him up. 

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