Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hotel Review: Irving West Hotel, Gander, NL

We stayed two nights at the Irving West in Gander on the weekend. They recently converted the hotel rooms into long-term stay suites with full kitchens. 

(baby on the stylish sofa)

(new kitchen)

(this photo could have been taken 10 years ago)

price: around $150 per night
bathroom: pretty '80's. pink dirty-looking tiles, tiny, dark.
pool: nope.
breakfast: no, but a full kitchen means you could technically make your own
wifi: yes, pretty strong and free
tv: good cable. we watched lots of 'til debt do us part'. addictive
location: pretty good. there is a Mary Brown's around the back, and the only bar in the town is attached to this hotel, which would be convenient if you were not parents to a 10 month old
parking: free

- the kitchen is pretty sweet, with a full fridge, and all the cutlery and stuff that you would need to make a meal. i am thinking we were the first ones to ever stay in this particular room since it was renovated, because a cupboard door came off in jon's hand when he went to open it :)
- stuff that is still old and dirty-looking: carpet, sofa, bathroom, bedding. 
- we loved having a separate bedroom and living room. it meant we could put cohen to bed, and still hang out and chat after.
- we would definitely stay here again next time we are in Gander. so much better than a single hotel room for us. 

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