Tuesday, 20 May 2014

On the long weekend

(Coco and Nan at Two Whales coffeehouse

(checking out the sweets) 

(bedtime stories with Nan) 

 (he loves chocolate chip cookies)

(playing on the back deck) 

(practicing his walking)

My parents came for a 40-hour visit this long weekend. We loved it. First of all, they brought a whole extra huge suitcase with treats for us. Cohen must have eight new outfits, a bunch of new toys, and a few other things that I had requested on his behalf (a big bib for my messy eater, a container for cereal for long drives into town, some tupperware to make travel with homemade baby food easier). 

Cohen warmed up to my parents a lot faster than I thought he would. Within an hour, he was cool with them holding him, feeding him, reading to him, the works. I think maybe it helps that he sees them on FaceTime a few times a week. I loved seeing Cohen rest his sweet little head on his Nan and Gramps while reading or watching a youtube video. 

Another thing in the extra suitcase was a new set of nightstands for J and I. If you want to see our new nightstands, keep reading.
We have used various things as nightstands over the past 6 or so years of living together. In Gander I used a dresser, and Jon used a stool. In Halifax we had a few side tables. But we really needed a bit more storage for books and such. What I really wanted was something like this, except I didn't like the trim. I discussed with my dad, and he came up with something even better. He had to spend a nice bit of time designing, because he needed them to be the proper dimensions to fit in a suitcase, and he needed to be able to dismantle them after staining, and re-assemble here.

I actually love what he came up with so much more than the original idea I had. They are incredibly solid, put together with a combination of biscuits (I think that's what they are called?), wood glue, and screws (which are covered by little pegs of wood, so you can't see them). I envision vertically piling my Vanity Fairs and Marie Claires from top to bottom. Jon usually has at least three books, a magazine, and a graphic novel all on the go at once, so he will always have a huge pile of reading material in his. I also love having something one-of-a-kind. Also, D says my wash tape headboard has to go. He must not realize it's a thing

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