Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cohen's flat bear

We only got Cohen a few things for Christmas last year, because he was only 5 months old, and he was really more interested in the wrapping paper. One of the few things we got him, though, was his flat bear

I ordered one for Cohen, and one for his future cousin (my sister's sweet little girl, Grayce, who was born in March). They were kind of expensive for stuffed animals, but they just looked so soft and well-made.

Once we started sleep training, our sleep book recommended a transitional object. The idea is that the object reminds baby of his momma (and dad), so it calms him down when he is left alone to sleep. We started out with the flat bear in bed with the three of us while we were cosleeping so that the bear would smell like us. Then when we transitioned Cohen into his own room, we would cuddle him up to the bear in his crib. It worked. It probably helps that the flat-out bears are super soft and cuddly, but Cohen is completely attached to his bear. Every night when we put him into his crib (awake), he excitedly grabs his bear and cuddles in. We leave the bear in the crib so that he will associate it with sleep time. When we get him up in the morning, he is still holding tight to his bear. I think it is the cutest thing.

Grayce is only a few months old, and she is already sleeping with her flat bear. I am so curious if she is going to love hers as much as Cohen loves his.

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