Monday, 6 July 2015

Canada Day in Halifax

Oh man. We just got back last night from an amazing (almost) weeklong trip to Halifax, then Fredericton. Here are a few pics from Canada day. Here in NL, Canada day is not a big thing, partly because it is also the day that we remember the Newfoundlanders who were killed in battle. So we were happy to be celebrating in Halifax, where it felt like the whole entire city came out in their red and white. 

After we found breakfast, we stumbled into the parade lining up. We watched from Citadel Hill, though Cohen was definitely more interested in the dogs with their owners than the actual parade.

We checked out a dog show at the Commons. We were staying only a few minute walk from the commons, so we were able to go back and forth from our condo to the festivities throughout the day. Good with an extremely introverted toddler.

The splash pad in Halifax is pretty sad. They definitely need an upgrade. Though the kids were loving it. Our little dude liked it as long as no other kids came anywhere near him. The first time he got accidentally shoved by a little sweet girl, he was out.

We had lunch at the Moustache. After being around a million kids for the morning, Cohen was so happy to be sitting in a safe little booth at the restaurant. He threw back an entire huge hamburger (sans bun) for a joke.

Running around the public gardens. Cohen loved the pigeons. He really wanted to pet one.

While I ran in to do a little shopping at American Apparel, my boys chilled outside the library and waited out the rain.

After a long day out and about, we decided to rent bikes from the waterfront and bike home. I'm sure one of Cohen's favorite parts of the whole trip was when the girl at the bike shop told him he could choose between the stars and stripes helmet and the flower helmet. He loves helmets.

Such a great Canada day. I think a new family tradition was born.
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