Friday, 26 June 2015

Some recent pics

(newly attached to his bunny rabbit) 

(his little mitts were full of dirt. on a mission) 

(getting ready for a bike ride) 




(it's hiking season here) 

(always chopping) 

(he likes to bring a friend to the park) 

Jon and I are pretty much ready for a vacation. Work is busy, Newfoundland is cold, and we are a little tired. Plus, I really want an ice cream cone. Luckily, Jon surprised me with a trip to Halifax for Canada day. It's weird how the closer you get to a vacation, the more you absolutely need it. This weekend we are all about hanging around our house, hiking, biking, picnicking.

Also, I chopped about 4 inches off my hair with kitchen scissors the other day. I know maybe no one would agree, but I sort of like it.

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