Monday, 15 June 2015

On the weekend: Cohen's first concert

Cohen and I were on our own for the whole weekend while J took a bachelor trip to Boston (PS: It seems like these days, a bachelor/bachelorette party is not enough. It has to be a trip. I kind of love it in that you get to see friends you haven't seen for a while. And for Jon and I, who live on a rock away from everyone, a trip makes sense for us. Still, it's kinda crazy, right?). Although I have taken a few trips away from my boys, this is the first time for Jon. 

(He's got something to say) 

(Do I ever love that guy) 

(At the playground. Looking mean in his hoodie/jean jacket combo) 

(He just doesn't get bathroom selfies. Yellow and blue for a Splash n Boots concert) 

(waiting for the show to start) 

(he wanted to pose with these Treehouse media things) 

(Apres concert)

Since I knew Jon would be gone, I decided to go ahead and book tickets for Cohen's first concert. I got lots of advice from other moms, who told me to definitely, absolutely get VIP tix so you can sit closer. I heard stories of how being too far from the stage= bored toddler= total waste of money because you have to leave early after a tantrum. So I sprung for the VIP section, and Cohen and I found ourselves in the third row, with barely a kid around us. It was pretty much empty. So when the show started, they told everyone they could move up to the empty seats. Whatev. You live and learn. 

We sat by a 5-year-old girl who slipped me a note that said "I love you'r tshirt." She wrote it in yellow, cuz that's the only color she had, though she had brought about 100 sheets of white paper in her little purse. She also had an American Girl doll dressed exactly like her, right down to the high heels. But anyways. I pulled out my pack of 4 crayons, and her and Cohen coloured for a while. When the show started, Cohen was smiling so hard, I had to fight back tears. So sweet and earnest. He loved clapping, but his little introverted heart couldn't handle too much dancing in the aisles. He would just come and lean on me and smile up at me. Maybe to a stranger it wouldn't look like he was having a good time, but for this momma, it was absolutely the best. 

At right around the one hour mark, Cohen started pointing to the door and pulling my hand. I was like, dude, do you wanna leave? He was like, yes. So I let him pull me all the way out and all the way to our car. Money well spent, seriously. 
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