Sunday, 7 June 2015


(a bit of puddle jumping)

(we went for our first ice cream of summer only to find out our only ice cream shop is closed forever!) 

(family selfie) 

(biking all the time) 

(taking the dude swimming at the hotel/tanning parlor/gym/crappy pool) 

(checking out the diggers near our house) 


(haircut! Last one here)

We have been busy in that good way were we just spend a lot of time together and not a lot of time with our phones or computers. We are still having relatively cold days, but we put on lots of layers and go for bike rides and hang out at the park. A few people have commented on our bike seat for Cohen, concerned that it doesn't seem safe to have a kid on your bike. We are definitely the only people in our town who do it, but I have never ever felt unsafe. Jon and I are used to biking around downtown Halifax. And Cohen LOVES it. And then yesterday Cohen was walking down the street and tripped and face planted into the curb. He has a huge bruise on his forehead. So I am thinking all things are dangerous. Walking, biking, etc. 

In other news: I was super sad to find out that our only ice cream shop is closed, which means we have a 1.5 hour drive to get ice cream. The reason the owners told us they decided to close: it was too much work. So there you go. I want to find a teenager to drive one of those ice cream bikes (dicky dee? I think that's what they were called). 

Also, Cohen's hair was getting a little out-of-control, so we dropped into a barber shop, and they started chopping. A few minutes in, Cohen started crying. He was trying to fight it, but he was just super overwhelmed. We kept talking to him and he calmed down after a few minutes and  a few deep breaths. I can't describe how proud I was of him in that moment. He totally wanted to end the haircut, but he somehow forced himself to suck it up and sit through the last 5 minutes. In that same vein, whenever Cohen falls or hurts himself, Jon and I say, "shake it off dude, you're ok!" And so now whenever he hurts himself he starts shaking his hands like he's doing this little dance. 
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