Saturday, 18 July 2015

Two years old!!!

Like every mom ever, I am totally shocked that Cohen is going to be two next week. It's hard to imagine him ever being a teeny tiny six pound baby. He was so tiny, but in my mind, he has always had the strong personality that he does now. 

I definitely want to remember that he loves to sing these days. He sings "wheels on the bus", 'itsy bitsy spider", "old macdonald had a farm." He sings them so clearly, and with actions. He also loves playing the harmonica to Great Big Sea songs. He always requests the radio and "rock and roll music."

Right now, he talks so much that I really have no idea what he is about to say. He used to just repeat things we said, but now he will come over and request that we go get hamburgers or go on a plane. He loves to say "not too bad" when he eats anything. What a compliment to the chef. He loves to say "run really fast down the hill." It's weird, but he says that sentence over and over, all the time.

He loves to do everything, "all by myself." He wants to put his shoes on, get dressed, fasten his seatbelt, climb into the car all by himself. Usually we are cool with that, but it does mean that we need to plan for at least 45 min to get from his bedroom to the car.

He's very shy, quiet, reserved in front of people he doesn't know. It takes a while for him to warm up to anyone. He likes to be silly, but only the few people who spent a lot of time with him see that side of him. When we are out and about he often says, "This is so much fun!" on repeat. We love that.

Favourite book: Tough, since he loves so many. Probably Hooray for Thomas.
Favourite foods: Popsicles, crackers, chicken, burgers, fries, toast, yogurt
Favourite toy: He still loves the ride-on toy his sitter got him for his first birthday. He also loves his school bus and his dinky cars. Of course, his teddy bear is so much more than a toy. He loves his teddy bear so much, and would not sleep without him.
Sleep schedule: He goes to be around 7:30 or 8 and wakes up at 6:30 or so. Has a 1-2 hour nap at noon. He has been sleeping great lately.
Favourite activity: Biking. We try to take him biking at least a few times a week. He also loves bath time and just lazing around, playing with his dinky cars. And he is obsessed with watching cartoons when we let him, which is probably a half hour every other day.

He amazes Jon and I all the time. Sometimes he will grab a book, come sit beside us, and flip the pages and recite the entire book to us. He has such a great memory. He is getting more affectionate with us lately. Sometimes he will be riding his trike, and he will come over to me and say "kiss before I go," then give me a little kiss before he races off down the hall. We are seriously so proud to be his parents.
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