Friday, 24 July 2015

Hotel Review: Merchant's Manor B&B, Carbonear, NL

Last weekend we stayed at the Merchant's Manor Bed and Breakfast in Carbonear for Jon's triathlon. We were the only guests on a Saturday in the middle of July. Kinda weird. This is one of those B&Bs were the owners do not actually live there, which I love. I have always found it sort of awkward to chat with the owners every time you step out of your room.

Price: Around $160 per night including tax. Standard for the area.
Bathroom: Pretty nice. The tub was cool. No toiletries.
Breakfast: The breakfast is included and it was sausages, eggs, and toast. I think it changes every day. Pretty good. I would say it would be worth $8 on it's own. Nothing crazy awesome.
Wifi: Good. We watched netflix after we put dude to bed in the bathroom.
TV: There was one, but we never even turned it on. It was far from the bed, which never makes sense to me in hotel rooms.
Pool: Nope. Though there is a decent community pool about 5 min away that we went to.
Location: Pretty good for Carbonear. Across the street is a little take out for fries and burgers, and just beyond that is the ocean. We saw some icebergs.
Parking: Good, free.

My number one issue with this place was the smell. The second you walk in, you are hit with that intense smell of mothballs and must and old-ness. It smelled exactly like my great grandmother's house when I was a kid. You adjust after a minute or two, but still. It's not the best. Also, the bed was super comfortable. J and I were loving it.
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