Wednesday, 22 July 2015

On the weekend

This past weekend was Cohen's second birthday and also Jon's first triathlon of the season. We are so not into the whole toddler birthday party thing as of yet (maybe because we have no family here), so we kept it simple by just making it a special day for Cohen. We had pancakes and cake for breakfast, went to multiple playgrounds, let him watch extra tv, took him swimming, and took him for fries and ice cream at Mcdonalds. 

(He got awesome gifts from family and his babysitter)

(This tool bench is his new fav thing. Thank you Paula!) 

(Dude has started walking into his room and falling asleep on the floor. So cute) 

(Heading to the mailbox wearing a new shirt he picked out from the store.) 

(Loves opening special packages) 

(I made him this shirt, which lasted for 5 minutes before being totally covered in frosting) 

(Watching shows en route to the triathlon) 

(Dipping fries in ice cream. Takes after his momma) 

(Cold, cold day for a race. Side note: this is the coldest July in over 20 years in NL. Awesome) 

(After the race. Man, I love those two)

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