Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A few more Halifax trip pics (and how to leave the airport with a toddler and no carseat)

(riding the luggage cart in St. John's) 

(watching cartoons with headphones on the first flight) 

(waiting with bunny in the bike trailer) 

(cow's ice cream on the waterfront) 

(the ferry to dartmouth)

Of note:
- traveling keeps getting easier for us now that Cohen is so easily entertained with cartoons. He doesn't get a lot of screen time at home, so it's a real treat on trips. Same goes for special snacks like drinking boxes, fruit snacks, flavored popcorn, chips. 

- the first full day we were in Halifax, Cohen was running down a sidewalk, and fell hard on his forehead. We usually let him pretty much run free in Clarenville because there is absolutely no traffic ever, so I think he found it hard to get used to us constantly telling him to slow down and stay away from the traffic. I was totally wishing for one of those kid leashes that look like backpacks. 

- the ferry cost less than ten bucks for all of us, and it was the best ten dollars we spent. Cohen was so excited and did not stop talking about it for at least two days. 

On traveling with no carseat:
When we decided to visit Halifax, we knew for sure that we did NOT want to bring our huge carseat. We knew that we would be just walking and biking everywhere once we were at our downtown condo. Carseats are so huge and annoying really. So I looked into how to get from the airport to downtown Halifax. You can get a cab, though after calling over ten cab companies, I learned that no cabs have carseats available. So you have to bring your own, or risk getting pulled over by the cops, or worst, getting into a car accident with your toddler not in a carseat. So cabs were out for us. You can take the city bus, which is super cheap (like less than ten bucks a person), though it only runs about once per hour. Not ideal for us, since that would have meant lots more airport time for our cranky nap-less kid. You can take a shuttle, but they only run at certain times, so you end up waiting. Also, more expensive (I think maybe $20 per person), and they only drop you off at the main hotels. So it was down to renting a car for us. We ended up renting from Hertz, and it cost us less than $75 in the end, including drop off fee and carseat rental. When we arrived downtown, Jon just dropped us off and drove the rental straight to the drop off place at the Marriott hotel on the waterfront, then he ran back to our condo. We had the rental for all of 1 hour, but it was still so worth the money for us. 
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