Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Our 3 year anniversary

(the most recent pic I can find of the two of us)

Three years! Though we cannot remember what we did for our past two anniversaries, I love having a day to celebrate the strength of our marriage every year. This year, Jon surprised me with tickets to The Once, a band from Newfoundland. I had bought their last CD, but didn't love it, so I had low expectations. Jon organized for our daytime babysitter to watch Cohen for the evening.

We ended up eating at this weird restaurant located in the basement of a church in the neighboring community. They only had sides and sandwiches, so we embraced it and got grilled cheese sandwiches and a sidekick-like rice side. Then we went to the concert, where I proceeded to cry my eyes out for the first two songs. So good. Some bands are just so much better live.

This past year has been easy. I know that sounds so lame and kinda unbelievable, but 'easy' is definitely the word that I would use to describe this year of our relationship. Work can be tough, and worrying about a tiny human is hard. But Jon makes me laugh every day. Our relationship feels low maintenance, but I think that might be because we are constantly maintaining it, so nothing gets too broken.
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