Thursday, 16 July 2015

Clarenville Day

Just a few pics from our town's official holiday. We had a great time with our little guy this year. 

(we got to ride a real train!) 

(checking out some trains) 

(Cohen could have stayed here all day) 

(hooray! we are going to ride the train again!) 

(driving to the next activity) 

(popcorn and coffee) 

(first carousel ride- just minutes after a complete breakdown*) 

(I am serious, this is his thrilled face)

*Cohen made a beeline for the ride that is just these little cars that go around in a circle. But he had to go on alone, which made him super upset. He wanted us to go on the ride with him. Complete breakdown ensued. So we did the carousel because we could go on with him. After, he still really wanted to do the car ride. So we got him all fastened into a car, and he was so happy, waving. Then a mom came over and asked if her 18-month-old could sit with Cohen in the same car. I (of course) said yes. They each had a steering wheel, and all was good for a minute. Then the little guy started using both steering wheels. Cohen started crying so hard! He was like, "WANT TO GET OFF!!" The dude running the ride was definitely not stopping the ride. So we just had to watch for the rest of the ride while Cohen cried and cried. Snot running down his face, the works. The other mom felt terrible, and gave us tickets to ride again, which was so nice. I took no pictures, regrettably. We took him on the helicopter ride after, and then he was all good. 

The train ride for sure the highlight of the day. The train itself is super duper old, with the windows all smashed and/or dirty and rust everywhere. There were three little dirty seats to sit on, and they took us about 20 feet forward, then back, repeat. We went on with some older kids, who thought it was lame, but Cohen was thrilled. 
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