Monday, 1 September 2014

An update on cloth diapers

We have been doing the cloth diaper thing for over a year now, and I am still loving it (here is my original post about it). 

We haven't bought any more cloth diapers, so we are still using the same 7 liners and 20 or so inserts that we started with. We mostly have flip diapers, but we also have a few applecheeks. Now that Cohen needs less diaper changes (probably 5-8 per day as opposed to the 10-12 per day when he was under 6 months old), we only do our diaper laundry every other day. We run the diapers through a rinse cycle first, then we do a hot wash with baby detergent. 

The best thing we have found: our diaper sprayer. In my mind, you need a diaper sprayer if you are going to be doing the cloth diaper thing with solid foods. Whenever there are solids in the diaper, we just take it to the toilet and spray it. It really is easy. We also sometimes use flushable liners, especially when the babysitter is here. The liners make it even easier. You just throw the solids and the liner in the toilet and flush. The diaper sprayer was really easy to install, and you hardly notice it on the side of our toilet.

We still use disposables whenever we are traveling. I wouldn't even think of trying to do the cloth diapers thing while we are staying with friends or family. But I do think we have saved money by only buying a few packs of disposables in the year we have been doing this. It is easier for me to see the savings with the reusable wipes. I paid maybe $20 for the thin washcloths we use as wipes. They have paid for themselves over and over.

I really do think cloth diapers are the way to go if your lifestyle can handle it.

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