Saturday, 13 September 2014

Almost 14 months

Cohen will be 14 months old next Thursday, and since I probably won't be blogging on our little holiday, I figured I would write a little update now. And it seems like so much has changed in him since 13 months!

- The biggest development: he is walking, and loving it. He still looks like a drunken little man, and he falls sometimes, but he is getting pretty pro.

- He just got his 10th tooth, and number 11 is so close. The teething thing is pretty tough. His little cheeks get even redder than usual, and he gets pretty cranky. But. It's so cute when he smiles big and you see all those little teeth

- His new obsession: sitting in the drivers seat of the car while it's parked in the driveway. Jon or I sit with our coffee in the passenger seat while he pushes every button in sight.

- More and more, Cohen is able to occupy himself with his toys or the stuff in the bottom shelf of our cupboard. It means that sometimes I can actually prepare a meal or do the dishes while he sits near my feet, stacking cups or "organizing" the bottom drawer. I really love that. I think it's something I always kind of imagined when I thought about being a parent. I am just really loving this age/phase.

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