Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pictures of recently engaged people

When my best friend and her longtime boyfriend showed up here in Newfoundland for a little vacation a few weeks ago, she had a giant ring on her finger! I had a feeling it was coming soon, but still, it was so exciting! I was like, we need to take pictures of you guys all newly engaged and in love and on the rock with your new rock. And Jenny was like, of course, whatever you want Jess, you are the best at taking the slightly sloppy, semi-candid pictures that I love*. 

So we kind of planned to go to a wharf/beach somewhere and take cool Newfoundland pics. But then suddenly it was the day they were leaving, and we had just gone for a greasy breakfast, and I just pulled over and said we were doing these pictures, and I don't care that it's raining, and Mark is wearing his Sunday Funday t-shirt with a beer stein in place of the U.

And seriously, look how cute they turned out. I only got a few because it was raining and there was water actually on the lens of my camera, and Cohen was super annoyed that we weren't going to be going down the slide over and over like we usually do when we go to the park.

I love the pictures, mostly because you can see how up-for-anything these two are. I really get the impression that they have a good time together, whatever they are doing. Some stuff they love doing together: softball, dodgeball, bowling, darts, golf. I wish we lived closer.

*Jenny, feel free to get actual real professional engagement pictures. Also, Jenny, I didn't exactly ask your permission to put these pictures on my blog, so hopefully you're cool with it. Rest easy that only my family and our close friends read this blog.

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